Can the Social Rabbit Plugin Increase Sales? – My Review

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Have you ever spent time trying to manage all of your social media accounts on your own? You likely understand how time-consuming it is. The Social Rabbit plugin can change how you manage social media for your website.

The only social media account I could keep up with is Instagram and even I began to get burned out doing it on my own. It is nice to have some help and Social Rabbit offers that help in an awesome way.

I will share my Social Rabbit plugin review below. Once I began using it, I wondered how I was ever able to do without it.

What is Social Rabbit Plugin?

The Social Rabbit plugin is a WordPress plugin that basically does the job of an entire social media marketing team.

The plugin was developed by the AliDropship team, creators of the AliDropship WordPress dropshipping plugin.

However, Social Rabbit works on ANY WordPress website. You do not have to use it only in combination with AliDropship.

Social Rabbit integrates with four of the top social media platforms to include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Essentially, the plugin can automate posting images from your WordPress website’s gallery or your AliDropship store.

When posting these images, it can also add text and hashtags that you set in your settings.

If you have a dropshipping store using the AliDropship plugin, it will post products from your store, include text and hashtags, as well as having the ability to update your bio link with a live link to your product page.

Here is a screen capture of the bio link having been automatically updated:

Social Rabbit also has the ability to increase your social media following. For example, it can promote your account by giving likes, commenting and following the most popular accounts of your niche on Instagram.

It also has a “mutual promotion” feature that follows, likes, and comments on other user accounts. You can edit the comments to say whatever you like to include emojis.

You can also set it to post content from other niche-related Instagram accounts. If you do run a dropshipping store, it can also help you to find Instagram Influencers interested in shoutouts and ads.

It truly is a hands-off approach to managing your social media accounts. Once you’ve installed it and modified your settings, you can go on about your day-to-day tasks.

Your social media accounts will be doing their thing in the background. New images are posted with text and hashtags. Your accounts will like, follow, and comment on other relevant accounts.

I’ve even gained new followers without having to do a thing! You really have to experience this plugin to understand how powerful it is.

Click here to learn more about the Social Rabbit Plugin

How to Use Social Rabbit

The first thing to do is to order the Social Rabbit plugin and obtain your user license. You can then install it on your WordPress website under “Plugins”, “Add New”, and then click the “Upload Plugin” button.

The next step is to add your user license under the Social Rabbit settings and License. Once that is added, you can begin authorizing your various social media accounts.

Social Rabbit social media account settings

Authorize each of the social media accounts that you want the plugin to integrate with. I authorized Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. I’m not much of a Twitter user myself.

I will outline Instagram’s Social Rabbit options as it includes the same options as the other social media channels but with a few extras.


If you have an AliDropship store, you will love the poster feature. This feature will automatically post products from your store to your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts.

You can set how often you want it to post such as “every 5 hours”. You can also sort randomly, old to new, or new to old. The template can be modified to say what you want, add emojis, and hashtags of your choice.

Below is an example of an automated Instagram product post for my own store:

Here is an automated product post on my Facebook page:


This option saves the time of you having to update your social media accounts manually. Rather than finding images to post yourself, adding text, and hashtags, Social Rabbit will do it for you.

It will pull images from your media gallery. You can automate the gallery images under the settings section to pull images from Pixabay or Gliphy.

These posts can be set to post every hour, two hours, three hours, etc. You can edit the template to post the text that you want. The gallery feature is available for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


This feature will pull gallery images and post them to your Instagram stories. It is important that you have enough images in your gallery to post between regular posts and stories.


The blog feature will post your blog posts with images to your social media accounts. You can edit the template, exclude categories, sort randomly or by age of post, and schedule the frequency.


The grabber feature is only for Instagram. It will automatically repost content from other niche-related Instagram accounts. You can add accounts by name or keyword. The plugin will repost content from the accounts you add to the list.


This feature is available for Instagram. It will promote your account by giving likes, commenting and following the most popular accounts of your niche on Instagram. You can add accounts by user name or search by keyword. You also have the option to turn off likes, comments, and follows.

Mutual Promotion

The mutual promotion feature is available for both Instagram and Pinterest. This tool will gain lots of likes, comments, and followers within a short period of time.

Who is the Social Rabbit Plugin For?

This plugin is helpful to anyone that has a WordPress website. It can work for blogs as well as eCommerce stores. It works superbly for AliDropship stores.

After installing it in my own store, I can’t imagine moving forward without it. Managing various social media accounts for one store is time-consuming and a hassle.

The same goes for a WordPress blog. Imagine promoting your blog content and gaining new likes and followers while you are busy doing other things.

My Closing Thoughts On My Social Rabbit Plugin Review

The Social Rabbit plugin is well worth the one-time payment of $69. It does so much and so easily.

Once you have configured your settings, managing your social media accounts is literally a hands-off process.

What is awesome about this plugin is that is works on any WordPress website. Therefore, if you are looking to build up your social media following, you will find all of its features useful.

One thing to keep in mind is to wait a few days before using the plugin on brand new social media accounts. It can come across as spammy if you don’t have any regular content posted yet.

The key is to add content manually at first for several days, then activate the plugin to automate the rest of your social media activity for you.

You can grab your copy of the Social Rabbit plugin here.

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