How to Keep Pets Cool Without AC Using a Portable Cooler

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The heat is a stressor when you have pets. When we moved into our RV, my main priority was figuring out a way to keep our cat cool when we couldn’t run our AC.

Sometimes there are times when you aren’t able to have the RV hooked up to electricity. Needless to say, on a warm or hot day, an RV can be unbearable without the use of an AC.

I tried to find portable air conditioners but nothing would work if you don’t have access to electricity.

Thankfully, I came across an ad for a cooler called IcyBreeze. In this post, I’m going to share why this portable AC cooler was the solution we needed to keep our fur baby cool on hot days.

What is the IcyBreeze Portable AC Cooler?

When I came across the IcyBreeze, I immediately knew that it was the solution for keeping our cat cool in hot weather when we couldn’t use the AC in the RV.

The IcyBreeze is a portable AC and cooler that you can use indoors or outdoors. What makes it unique is that it uses the ice that you put in the cooler to blow cool air.

You don’t need to plug it in if you use the rechargeable lithium-ion battery (you have to buy it separately.) It can also be powered by a 12V power cord or a 110-220V power supply.

IcyBreeze portable AC
The IcyBreeze portable AC cooler

As you can see from the photo above, it is an actual cooler. When you put ice, you can also put anything else in it that you want to keep cold such as cans of soda, bottles of water, etc.

It can hold up to 30lbs of ice. The top of the cooler is the hose area where the cool air blows out of.

icybreeze hose area

You can leave the hose attached and open the vents on the cooler for air to blow out or you can lift the hose up and adjust it to blow in the direction that you want.

That is how I used it most of the time so that I could direct it to where our cat was at any moment. If you have your pet in a kennel, you can point the hose toward the kennel so that your pet feels the cool air.

How the IcyBreeze Cooler Works

Using the IcyBreeze is really easy. If you buy the rechargeable battery, make sure it is fully charged before using it.

The next thing you’ll need to do is add water inside the cooler. There is a fill line. The water is important as it is what runs through the system to begin the cooling.

icybreeze portable ac

After you’ve added water to the fill line, you’ll want to add your ice. It can hold up to 30lbs of ice. Next, use whatever power supply you want (battery, 12V plug, or 110-220V power supply) and turn it on.

It’s that simple! The cool air begins blowing immediately. On a hot day, the ice in the cooler can last between 2 and 3 hours. All that you need to do is add more ice when necessary.

There is a drain spout towards the bottom of the cooler to drain water.

The IcyBreeze uses no chemicals in the cooling process and the electric motor doesn’t put off any exhaust.

Who is the IcyBreeze For?

I would say that anyone can use the IcyBreeze. It works great for those that may be in an RV or car or van. It can even be used indoors in a small space.

The IcyBreeze doesn’t replace an actual air conditioner. It will not cool a large area and it cannot cool a space that is in direct sunlight.

It is great for using inside a small tent when camping or blowing directly on you or towards your pet for relief from the heat.

How Much is the IcyBreeze Cooler?

There are two models of the IcyBreeze that you can buy. You can choose between the Platinum model or the V2 Pro.

The Platinum is $339 and the V2 Pro is $289.

There are also various accessories that you can buy such as:

  • Airflow splitter
  • 4-foot extension tube
  • 12V power supply
  • 8 foot corded remote
  • Super speed power port and 12V charger
  • 110-220V power supply
  • Battery charger
  • Dual AC kit
  • 6AH LI-ION battery pack
  • 10Ah LI-ION battery pack

What I Like About The IcyBreeze

After using the IcyBreeze, there are some things that I like and don’t like about it. These are the things that I like.

It is Easy to Use

Using the cooler is super easy. There is nothing special that you need besides a little water and ice. It’s also easy to move around. It has handles on both sides as well as one to pull the cooler behind you when using the wheels.

You Can Use It Without Plugging It In

Let’s say that you don’t have access to electricity. As long as you have the battery fully charged, you can run the cooler for several hours.

It’s Durable

The cooler is built strong. No worries if the cooler gets banged around a bit. It is really sturdy.

The Air Blows Icy Cold

You won’t be disappointed by the cold air. It will keep you cool when used in a tiny space or even outdoors blowing directly on you.

What I Don’t Like About The IcyBreeze

When running the cooler for a couple of hours, the ice melts pretty fast. Although it works great, it was annoying having to get ice all of the time

The nice thing is that you can also use larger blocks of ice such as frozen water bottles or milk jugs.

There isn’t much else that I don’t like about the cooler. For me, it was a perfect air conditioner option for keeping our cat cool.

An Easy Way to Keep Your Pets Cool Without AC

Overall, I couldn’t be happier about using the IcyBreeze for our cat. It offers peace of mind if you are in a situation where running your vehicle’s AC isn’t an option.

Remember that the IcyBreeze is not the same as a regular air conditioner. It is not meant to replace a normal AC. However, it is great for getting some relief on a hot day.

If you are struggling with a way to keep your pet cool, consider the IcyBreeze. It is easy to use, portable and convenient.

You can learn more about the IcyBreeze and all of its features on the official IcyBreeze website.