How to Get Beachbody Customers with an Easy Sales Funnel

I have been an independent Beachbody distributor for several years now. While I am not an active Beachbody Coach, I have (and continue to) make sales thanks to my promotion of the products using a blog.

However, I know that creating a blog is not for everyone. It requires writing new content on a regular basis. If you are hesitant to go the blogging route, I will share with you an effective strategy for obtaining new customers by using a sales funnel.

How to Get Beachbody Customers – A Beachbody Business Strategy

You can earn income with Beachbody by selling the products, building your team, or both. I have had the most success by promoting the various products, particularly Shakelology.

Years ago I created a blog in order to promote the products as well as the business opportunity. Thanks to that blog, I was able to build up my customer base.

In 2010 I even won an award (Shaker of the Year) for my Shakeology sales. I am not as active today as I was then but I still earn income from the customer base I was able to build.

Here is a screen capture of some of my most recent Beachbody sales:

product sales

I only share that to demonstrate what is possible by utilizing the internet. There are many Beachbody distributors that I’m sure are earning much more due to their efforts of promoting online.

Although I was able to accomplish these sales from work I did in the past with a blog, today is even easier for Beachbody Coaches to get the word out about the products.

The strategy I’m about to explain below is effective for all types of businesses. It is especially helpful for anyone in a network marketing business.

Using a Sales Funnel – How it Works

I am going to do my best to keep this explanation simple. First, let’s define what a sales funnel is:

A sales funnel leads your visitors through a buying process. This can be accomplished with a combination of marketing materials such as landing pages and emails.

You have likely signed up to many sales funnels and may not have realized it. For example, there is a particularly clothing company that I like.

When I visited their website, they prompted me to sign up for their newsletter. Now I am in their sales funnel. I am sent regular emails featuring their products, sales, and more.

Here is a graphic demonstrating a very simple sales funnel:

a simple sales funnel

Let’s break down each of these website pages one at a time:

Opt-in Page

  • The opt-in page is the first page of your funnel. On this page, you want to offer something enticing (free information related to what you’re selling) in exchange for the visitor’s email address. Let’s say you were promoting Shakelogy. You could offer 25 Shakeology recipes as the incentive for the user to opt-in to your email list.

Thank You Page

  • The thank-you page is the page your visitor lands on after submitting their email address. On this page, you could have a download link to the free information you promised on the opt-in page. For example, you could have a download link to a PDF file that contains the 25 Shakeology recipes that you offered on the opt-in page.

The Offer Page

  • On your offer page you can then sell the product or service that you are promoting. You can post an image, more information about the product, and a buy button. Your buy button would be your Beachbody tracking link (you can copy those from the default Beachbody website provided to you as a Coach or you can use this Coach Link Generator.)

Building Your First Sales Funnel

At this point, you may be thinking, “I have no idea how to build a website let alone a sales funnel.” That is what I would be thinking as well.

However, you have nothing to worry about. Building your first funnel is easy when you use the right software.

I’m a fan of the Clickfunnels™ software. This software enables anyone regardless of experience to build their own sales funnels.

The software is drag-and-drop and user-friendly. There is nothing to download as it is all online.

Here is a video I created explaining what sales funnels are as well as demonstrating how to use the Clickfunnels™ software:

Make your very first sales funnel for free. Click here to get a 2-week free trial of Clickfunnels™.

How to Promote Beachbody on Facebook

Once you have your sales funnel up and running, it makes it even easier to promote on social media channesl such as Facebook and Instagram.

A common advertising method is to create a Facebook page for your business. You can then create a Facebook ad that sends visitors to your sales funnel.

A percentage of people will sign up to your email list through your opt-in page. Some will buy the product that you are selling and some will not.

Either way, you will have those visitors on your email list and you can continue the sales funnel process by sending promotional emails.

Building Beachbody Business On Instagram

Promoting your business on Instagram is similar. You can post photos related to living a healthy lifestyle (drinking Shakeology, exercising using Beachbody workouts, etc.)

The link on your Instagram bio page can be a link to your sales funnel. You can run paid ads on Instagram as well.

Selling More Products with YouTube

Getting people to sign up to your sales funnel is free and easy when using YouTube. Create videos sharing health & wellness tips and link to your sales funnel in your video description area.

YouTube has been an excellent free traffic source for me. If you don’t want to make videos because you don’t want to be on camera, consider doing screen capture videos instead.

Videos are an awesome marketing tool. Make sure to take advantage of it.

Wrapping Up

A simple sales funnel can help boost your Beachbody sales as well as help you build your team for network marketing purposes.

Does the idea of a sales funnel still seem confusing? I recommend checking out Russell Brunson’s free Funnel Hacks web class and getting a free copy (plus shipping) of his book DotCom Secrets.


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