How a Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing Works

One of the ways in which I promote affiliate products is by using a sales funnel. A funnel is an excellent way to capture targeted visitors who are interested in what you are promoting. There are a number of ways to create a sales funnel to include a landing page (squeeze page), blog, and an autoresponder.

I’ll explain how I create simple funnels to help promote some of my favorite products and services that I use and am affiliated with. Regardless of what type of business that you are in, a funnel can help boost your earnings.

What Exactly is a Sales Funnel? How Do They Work?

A sales funnel is basically a way for you to lead your visitors down a specific path. That path is usually a buying process.

Your funnel can be made up of a landing page (often referred to as a squeeze page), a blog, or even a simple opt-in form provided by your autoresponder service.

If all of that sounds foreign to you, I’ll explain how each can work. You can use one method or a combination of each.

The picture below is a simple sales funnel for affiliate marketing that came from Russell Brunson’s book, DotCom Secrets (you can grab a free copy here.)

sales funnel for affiliate marketing

The First Page: Your Opt-In Page

This is an example of a website funnel. It consists of three pages. The first page is the opt-in page.

Sometimes it is referred to as a squeeze page because it is asking for a visitor’s contact information. In most cases, the page asks for a name and email address.

There usually isn’t a lot of text or images on the squeeze page. Its job is to entice visitors into submitting their information.

One incentive tool is a freebie item. This can be a free ebook, coupon code, video, or whatever you want to encourage visitors to enter your funnel.

The Second Page: Your Thank You Page

The second part of your funnel is the thank-you page which can display a confirmation message as well as a link to your freebie.

Once they have clicked the link to receive their freebie, they will be directed to your affiliate offer.

The Third Page: Your Affiliate Offer

This final page is the page on which you do your hard sell. Your freebie will be on this page such as a free video, the download link for an ebook, etc.

You will also introduce your visitors to the affiliate offer that you are promoting. In some cases, a percentage of your visitors will click on your offer and buy immediately.

Others will not but because you have captured their contact information, you are now able to send them follow-up messages explaining the benefits of the product that you are promoting.

How to Create a Simple Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

Sales Funnel Software

A basic sales funnel such as this can be created very easily using sales funnel software such as Clickfunnels® or even with a WordPress website.

Clickfunnels is sales funnel software created by Russell Brunson. I’ve used it myself and was extremely impressed by it.

Part of the reason I do not use it at the moment is that the funnel I use is handled primarily via email.

I use my autoresponder forms for my opt-in pages. The Clickfunnels software starts at $97 per month. I felt that I wasn’t utilizing all of its features to justify the cost.

I feel that Clickfunnels is great for generating leads, selling both physical and digital goods (it can process payments on their full-suite plan), and most of all for helping anyone to create web pages quickly and easily.

One of the best ways to figure out if it is worth it for your business is by testing it out using their free 2-week trial.

Using WordPress and an Autoresponder to Create a Simple Funnel

As I mentioned above, I use my autoresponder’s opt-in forms and create my own funnel pages using my WordPress blog.

Most autoresponder services provide opt-in forms. The service that I use is ConvertKit.

I like ConvertKit a lot because it is one of the simplest autoresponders I have ever used and you can create a landing page as well.

Here is what it looks like:

convertkit landing page

You can add any background image that you like. There aren’t a ton of options in terms of design but it still works great.

Using Your Blog as a Funnel

Even your blog can act as a sales funnel. The way to accomplish this is by adding opt-in forms throughout your blog.

For example, I keep an opt-in form in the sidebar of my blog as well as at the end of each of my blog posts.

Any autoresponder service that you choose should provide you with the ability to create your own opt-in forms.

Then all you would have to do is copy and paste the code they provide you into the area of your website that you want your forms to display.

What Kind of Emails Should You Send to Your List?

Having new subscribers to your email list is exciting but what exactly do you send them? What makes an autoresponder so awesome is that you can create your messages and schedule them to send at specific times.

I usually schedule my messages to send every day or every other day. I’ll schedule anywhere from five to ten emails or more per list that I’ve created.

Once subscribers on my list go through those autoresponder sequences, they are added to my broadcast list where I send regular emails a few times per week.

The Types of Emails I Send in My Autoresponder Sequences

My autoresponder sequence emails consist of messages that are continuing to highlight the benefits of the affiliate product that I am promoting.

I may write about how the product has helped me and how it can help my subscribers. In other words, the sequence is still about marketing the product or service that you are promoting.

For example, I have set up tracking for one of my funnels so that when someone converts, I know it was due to going through my funnel.

Here is a screen capture of one of my email alerts notifying me that someone converted thanks to my funnel:

email funnel

Wrapping Up

Sales funnels work incredibly well. I feel it is important to create a funnel as soon as possible whether it is using only a blog and an autoresponder, or using sales funnel software.

To recap:

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