What is Affiliate Marketing Online? You Can Do It!

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I get so amped up when I talk about affiliate marketing. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I enjoy it.

I often talk about it with my family but I know they are probably still confused about it (with the exception of my spouse who digs it now too!)

I forget that a lot of people have no idea what affiliate marketing is. In this post, I will do my best to define it in the easiest way possible.

I’ve even made a cool little flow chart, lol.

What is Affiliate Marketing Online? My Definition

To make it easy, I created this graphic below to help in explaining exactly what affiliate marketing is:

affiliate marketing

Let’s follow the flow chart from the beginning.

1. People Search for a Product or Service

There are over 2 Billion people shopping online at any given time. They are searching for products and services.

People perform their search on search engines – typically the big 3: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Your goal is to have your website ranking well on any (or all) of the search engines.

2. They Land on Your Niche Website

Depending on what the searcher is searching for, they can end up on one of the pages of your website.

The way this happens is that your particular page has ranked well for a particular keyword term.

For example, if someone has typed in “best golf club putter” and you have a page on your website talking about that topic and the search engine ranks your page well, that person may click over to your page.

3. They Click on Your Affiliate Link

Back to our example. Let’s say someone has landed on your page about the best golf club putter. Within your content, you have an affiliate link to a golf club putter.

Your affiliate link is a special link that a company with an affiliate program provides you with.

In the flow chart above, I use Amazon.com as the example affiliate company. Amazon does indeed have an affiliate program in which you can sign up to.

You find a great putter and copy and paste the affiliate link to it into your content. Here is an example affiliate link of my own: golf club putter.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser. If the person purchases that putter, you would get a percentage of the sale!

4. If They Make a Purchase the Affiliate Company Pays You a Commission!

Someone has clicked on your affiliate link. They land on the affiliate company’s website and decide they have found what they were looking for and buy it.

You receive credit for the purchase and the affiliate company will pay you a percentage of the sale. You receive a commission for the sale!

Some affiliate programs pay out very high commissions. Sometimes 75% of the sale depending on the company.

Why You Can and Should Become an Affiliate Marketer

laptop cafe

The barrier to entry is low for becoming an affiliate marketer.

All you need is internet access and the ability to create a website.

Unlike in the past, there is a ton of information to help new affiliate marketers to create their first website and make their first sale online.

It is a great feeling to make a sale online! Once you do, you will be addicted. There is nothing like creating a website that helps people and earning income from that website.

The biggest obstacle for many new affiliates is learning how to create a long-term online business.

This was my problem as well. I spent years trying to mimic what other super affiliates were doing which led to me spinning my wheels.

I recommend to any new affiliate to grab a free copy of my online guide to earning a consistent income online.

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