Top 10 Best Selling Exercise Equipment For Strong Sales

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The health and fitness niche is a billion dollar industry that only continues to grow year after year. The best selling home exercise equipment is a sub-niche that has strong sales of its own.

People who want to get in shape often buy home exercise equipment to outfit their own home gyms. It isn’t uncommon to have both a gym membership and a home gym as well.

Personally, I prefer to workout at home. It doesn’t take much equipment to get a great workout at home. Below are ten pieces of top selling home exercise equipment that you can sell for strong profits.

Best Selling Home Exercise Equipment

  1. Ab roller wheel
  2. Abdominal muscle stimulator
  3. Weightlifting arm blaster
  4. Silicon hand grip trainer
  5. Situp device
  6. Weightlifting bloodflow restriction bands
  7. Battle rope
  8. Resistance bands
  9. Indoor pull-up bar
  10. Suspension trainer

1. Ab Roller Wheel

ab roller wheel

The ab roller wheel is a staple in any home gym. It works out your core muscles and helps to strengthen them. It is more difficult than it looks. If you are not accustomed to using it, a few reps will definitely have you feeling the burn.

2. Abdominal Muscle Stimulator

abdominal muscle stimulator

In all honesty, I have no clue to whether or not an abdominal muscle stimulator works well. However, it is a high-selling product that people seem to want. Although the stimulation from these devices target the muscles, take any claims for six-pack abs with a grain of salt. As far as I can tell, these devices cannot produce a six-pack or help with fat loss.

3. Weightlifting Arm Blaster

weightlifting arm blaster

This device helps weightlifters to really target their biceps. It is a popular piece of home gym equipment. Serious weightlifters may even use this at their local gyms. It is a big seller for new and experienced weight trainers.

4. Silicon Hand Grip Trainer

hand grip strengthener

This is a simple device but one that can be effective in terms of helping to strengthen your hand grip. It is a top seller on AliExpress. They sell on average for $1.06 a piece so you can add a really nice markup for a healthy profit on these.

5. Situp device

sit up assistant

It is hard to do sit-ups with someone holding down your feet. Trying to find someplace in your home to prop your feet under for support is challenging as well. A situp device such as this one makes it a whole lot easier. This is definitely a great seller for any home gym.

6. Weightlifting Bloodflow Restriction Bands

bloodflow restriction bands

These bloodflow restriction bands are new to me. The purpose of these bands is:

The goal of blood flow restriction training is to restrict venous return while still allowing arterial flow by strategically wrapping the topmost portion of your limbs. By restricting the veins and not the arteries, blood can keep pooling into a working muscle and it stays trapped there. It’s like filling a water balloon to max capacity (without it popping, of course).—

I would say using these bands is definitely a personal preference.

7. Battle Rope

battle rope workout ropes

These battle ropes are in almost every gym. You can easily have them in a home gym as long as you have enough space to use them. What is nice about battle ropes is that you can use them outdoors as well. Therefore a large enough backyard will do or take them to the park or the beach.

8. Resistance Bands

resistance bands

Resistance bands make a great piece of home gym equipment because they are lightweight, portable, and easy to store. You can take them with you when you’re traveling and get a good workout in. I would say these are a standard for any home gym.

9. Indoor Pull-up Bar

pullup bar for indoors

Nothing helps to build strength like using your own bodyweight for resistance. An indoor pullup bar is an easy option for strengthening your arms, shoulders, and back. Upper body strength is important for men and women alike.

10. Suspension Trainer

suspension trainer

Another bodyweight training tool that is portable and convenient is the suspension trainer. You can hang these from any stable post and get in a good workout. Great for both indoor and outdoor use. These are a home gym staple as well.

How To Make Sales with the Best Selling Home Exercise Equipment

Knowing what some of the best selling home exercise equipment is helps you to get a good idea of what to sell in your own online store.

One of the easiest and low-cost options for opening your own home gym equipment store online is to use the dropshipping business model.

Dropshipping doesn’t require any special skills or previous eCommerce experience.

As long as you have the desire and the willingness to promote your store on a consistent basis, you have what it takes.

Dropshipping works by locating dropshipping suppliers. You place the items these suppliers sell into your own online store.

When a customer places an order on your store, you then order the item from your dropshipping supplier.

The supplier then ships the item directly to the customer using the customer’s shipping information that you input during the checkout process.

Your profit is the difference in price between what you charged for the item and what the dropshipping supplier charged you.

You don’t have to buy your inventory all at once and you don’t have to deal with shipping and handling. It is a win-win for everyone.

Sourcing Products for Your Store

I source products for my own dropshipping store from AliExpress. I like AliExpress because they carry millions of products.

They do not have any requirements or fees to sell any of the items on their website.

A majority of the products are sold at wholesale pricing which makes it easy to mark them up enough to earn a profit.

Although a majority of the merchants are based in China, it is not a deterrent for selling the items. ePacket shipping options speed up the shipping time from China to the United States.

Not only that, but there are merchants that ship from the U.S. and other locations as well.

Opening Your Own Dropshipping Store

Opening your own store is easy nowadays thanks to all of the dropshipping software that is available for use.

I chose to build my store using WordPress. I wanted to avoid monthly recurring software fees and I wanted to retain full ownership of my store.

When you build your store on a third-party eCommerce platform, you must abide by their rules and risk the chance of that service closing your account at any time for any reason.

The dropshipping software that I use is called AliDropship.

It is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that transforms a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

You do not need to know anything about installing WordPress or plugins. They will do that for you for free when you bundle in a year of their web hosting.

Otherwise, you may want to consider having AliDropship build a custom dropshipping store for you.

It is a huge time saver and you get a professionally built custom store that includes free lifelong updates and customer support.

My Closing Thoughts On The Best Selling Home Exercise Equipment

The exercise equipment industry is an evergreen niche that is a billion dollar industry. Focusing in on the home exercise equipment niche has plenty of opportunities to earn income online.

Opening your own dropshipping store is an ideal option to get started with selling home gym equipment. Consider a custom built dropshipping business to get started off on the right foot.