5 Big Reasons Why Blogging is Better Than YouTube

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YouTube is one of my all time favorite platforms to use when it comes to generating free traffic.

When you consider all of the success that many YouTubers have with their huge followings, it is easy to assume that YouTube is a better traffic source than blogging.

YouTube is a GREAT traffic source but it should not be your only traffic source. If anything, I feel that YouTube should be used as a way to drive people to your blog.

If you think YouTube is better than blogging, I will share five reasons why I feel blogging is better than YouTube in terms of building an online business.

1. You Can Build a Loyal Following

Yes, you can build a huge and loyal following on your YouTube channel. However, a blog can do so much more in terms of building a following.

You can get more in-depth with your content using a blog. Keep in mind that there are those that prefer reading or even skimming a blog post versus watching a video.

Remember that people have short attention spans. There is so much to be distracted by on YouTube. You may be watching one video and be distracted by the thumbnail picture of another and move on.

When you build a following with a blog, you have more of an opportunity to keep your visitors on your website by linking to other articles you have written.

A blog also allows you to share more about who you are within your writing. A lot of the YouTube channels that I follow do not maintain blogs of there own and I think they’re missing out on building their following even more.

They stick strictly to building their audience on YouTube and I think it is a mistake for reason number three below.

2. You Can Build Your Email List

It is so very important to build an email list.

Building an email list means that you are building your own customer base that you can reach out to anytime you want.

Having a blog gives you more of an opportunity to build one than YouTube does.

For one thing, you can place multiple opt-in forms around your blog. I place them in my sidebar and under my posts. You can even create exit pop-up forms as well.

As for YouTube, the only option that you have to link people to your opt-in forms or sales funnels is by linking from the description area under your videos.

Even if your videos get tons of views, it doesn’t mean that people will read your description and click on your links.

At least with your own blog, you have multiple opportunities to ask your visitors to sign up to your email list.

3. No Worries About Account Closures

This is the number one reason why a blog is better than YouTube when it comes to building your following.

Let’s say you have created a highly viewed YouTube channel. You even have a large subscriber base. Now imagine finding out that your account has been closed for whatever reason.

It can happen and has happened to people before. You would lose your following in an instant. You do not have control over your audience on any social media platform.

However, you can use a social media platform such as YouTube to help drive your viewers back to your blog where you can expose them to your opt-in forms.

I think building a large following on YouTube has many advantages. I do think it is unwise to rely solely on YouTube to run your business.

4. You Can Build Your Brand

Building your brand works extremely well on YouTube. Yet, I find it unfortunate when many YouTubers do not have a blog let alone a website.

It is a huge mistake in my opinion for reason number three above. YouTube has the power to close your account and make changes to their algorithm which could decrease your views.

Changes happen all the time. When you build your brand on your blog, you have more opportunities in terms of building your customer base and increasing sales.

5. No Limitations On What You Earn

There was a big uproar when YouTube changed the way YouTubers earned income. Many famous YouTuber’s are earning less from their video views and it is more difficult for new channels to begin earning revenue.

When you have a blog, you have no limitations on the amount of income that you can earn. This is particularly true when you build your email list.

Ever heard or read the saying, “the money is in the list“? Internet marketers that are earning good incomes do so because they build their email lists.

Anyone with an online business can increase their earnings by building a helpful blog within their niche.

Blogs can earn income through affiliate programs, pay-per-click ads, selling your own products or services, and of course email marketing.

What are the Risks Involved with Blogging?

blogging is better than youtube

There is little to no risk when it comes to blogging. You put your blog at risk when you use shady SEO tactics that search engines like Google do not approve of.

Participating in link farms, keyword stuffing, and other questionable ranking strategies are what puts your blog at risk.

I know this first hand as I used to manage a blog years ago in which I did some of those risky tactics. When Google updated their algorithm, my blog dropped from the search results.

Remember, the job of a search engine is to provide their users with the best content that helps to answer their queries.

Always put your audience first by creating content that helps them. Don’t do anything to manipulate your rankings and you will not have to worry when the search engines update their algorithms.

Yes, Do Take Advantage of YouTube Traffic!

website analytics

If you haven’t created a YouTube channel and haven’t begun creating content there, you are missing out on a TON of free traffic.

YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google itself. I hesitated for a long time to begin making videos myself.

I had the same natural worries that many people do. I didn’t want to be on camera and I didn’t know what I would talk about.

Here’s the thing:

  1. You don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to
  2. Create content for videos the same way you would for a blog

Initially, I would put myself on camera but most recently, I have been doing nothing more than screencasting.

If you think not being on your videos will impact your views, think again. Check out Justin Bryant’s YouTube channel.

He creates 100% screencast videos. He has over 168,000 subscribers and gets thousands of views per video.

Even some of the videos on my own channel gets thousands of views and I am not in them. If you want to get started with screencasting, check out Screencast-O-Matic.

Wrapping Up

YouTube is an awesome platform for building your brand, increasing sales, and building your email list.

However, I think if you rely only on YouTube or any other social media platform you’re taking a huge risk.

Establishing a blog has so many benefits as I have listed above. If you haven’t created one, there is no better time than now to do so.

Blogs have changed the lives of so many people that are now earning income from them (including myself.)

I wouldn’t underestimate having a blog. That being said, get access to the same free online course I used to create a blog that generates a consistent monthly income online.

As always, thanks for reading. Go build something great! 🙂

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