Drop Shipping with WooCommerce and AliExpress – A How-To Guide

Opening your own dropshipping store is extremely easy thanks to the various eCommerce platforms that are available to use.

Shopify still remains one of the most popular options for dropshipping but it does have a monthly fee.

Using WordPress is the ideal choice for many because it is free to download and install. The WooCommerce plugin is also free.

Turning your WooCommerce store into a dropshipping store is simple with the right tools. I’ll explain how you can begin drop shipping with WooCommerce and AliExpress.

Why Use AliExpress to Source Products for Your Store?

drop shipping with woocommerce

A common obstacle for many new dropshippers is trying to find legitimate dropshipping suppliers.

This can consume much of your time, especially when you are trying to find dropship suppliers for specific products.

When you do come across them, some may charge a monthly fee to access their inventory or you may need to be an already established business.

These types of issues can deter a new dropshipper from ever getting started. This is why AliExpress has become the go-to supplier for many dropshippers.

You will not find the typical issues with AliExpress that you would with many other suppliers.

This is because AliExpress is a huge online retailer made up of merchants that are primarily based out of China.

These merchants offer their products at very low prices. So much so that many dropshippers can mark their items up ten times and still offer an awesome value.

The merchants are also accustomed to dealing with dropshippers so they often do not include any promotional material of their own in the packages that they ship.

However, you always have the ability to contact your suppliers on AliExpress and notify them that you are dropshipping.

Other reasons why AliExpress makes a great dropshipping resource:

  • 200,000 exporters
  • Free shipping on most items
  • Ships to over 200 countries worldwide
  • Online shipping tracking
  • Wide range of shipping methods
  • Buyer protection system with a full money back guarantee

How to Do Drop Shipping with WooCommerce


The good news is that you can have your own dropshipping store that sources products from AliExpress using WooCommerce.

I’m sure you are already familiar with using WooCommerce or have at least researched a bit about it.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that transforms your WordPress website into an eCommerce platform.

While you could create an AliExpress dropshipping store manually using WooCommerce, it would be cumbersome at best.

That is because you would spend all of your time trying to keep all of the inventory in your store synced up with what is available in AliExpress.

That would be a tedious process and defeat the purpose of having the software make things easier for you.

AliDropship Dropshipping WordPress Plugin

alidropship store
Photo courtesy of AliDropship.com

Fortunately, there is a solution to creating a dropshipping store for WooCommerce that works with AliExpress.

This solution is called AliDropship WOO.

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that turns any WordPress install into a dropshipping store. The plugin enables you to import products from AliExpress into your store.

It automates all of the essential tasks such as updating product pricing, inventory, shipping, and tracking.

Best of all, the plugin has a WooCommerce compatible version.

The WooCommerce version does everything the original plugin does with the exception of some of the built-in marketing features.

It doesn’t include the following marketing features:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Email list
  • Cross-sell
  • Discounts

However, these features can still be utilized by finding compatible WooCommerce plugins that accomplish the same tasks.

One advantage of using WooCommerce is that there are tons of plugins that you can search for and install to help make your store run as smoothly as possible.

The AliDropship plugin really does an amazing job of creating a dropshipping store. It is user-friendly and comes packed with features.

Interested in Having Your Dropshipping Store Built for You? The AliDropship team will create a revenue-ready turnkey custom dropshipping store for you and deliver it within a matter of days. Click here to learn more.

Why Should I Use AliDropship WOO Instead of AliDropship?

ecommerce dropshipping store

There are a couple of reasons why you may prefer to use AliDropship WOO versus the default version of the plugin.

  1. You are already familiar with using WooCommerce and prefer using it
  2. You already have a WooCommerce store running and want to add products from AliExpress

If the above reasons apply to you, then AliDropship WOO is an ideal solution. When you order the plugin, it does include both the original version and WooCommerce version.

If you are not committed to using WooCommerce, you may find the original version of the plugin to be the ideal choice for the following reasons:

  • You are new to eCommerce and dropshipping with no prior experience
  • You want to create a brand new dropshipping store from scratch
  • You need a single package that contains all of the necessary features to run a dropship store without having to search, buy, and install additional plugins or themes

Whichever option that you choose, you will have everything you need to get started. I really like how easy it is to import products from AliExpress.

They have also recently added a built-in image editor that saves so much time when having to remove any text on any of the suppliers’ product shots.

If you need inspiration or want to validate that the AliDropship plugin works, read these AliDropship success stories.

My Tips for AliDropship Users

I do not use the WooCommerce version of AliDropship myself but these tips may still be helpful.

Use AliDropship Web Hosting

The reason why I recommend using AliDropship’s web hosting is because I ran into an issue using a different web host.

The issue was having to install the ionCube loader which is a requirement when installing the AliDropship plugin.

It wasn’t difficult to install and I could have easily requested my web hosting provider to install it for me. However, for non-technical people, it would be a huge hassle.

AliDropship’s hosting is already perfectly configured to work with the plugin and it is really economical, starting at $48 a year—that equates to $4 a month.

=> Click here to learn more about AliDropship’s web hosting plans

Consider an AliDropship Custom Store

Creating your dropshipping store on your own is definitely a great way to familiarize yourself with using the plugin.

However, when I’m ready to build another store, I will be opting for the AliDropship team to create my store for me.

The biggest reason would be to save time. They handle everything from niche market research to domain name registration, product importing, SEO, social media and more.

I would be able to launch my new store much faster by working on ad campaigns and free traffic methods.

==> Click here to learn more about an AliDropship custom store

Another huge benefit to keep in mind with using AliDropship WOO is that you always retain 100% ownership of your store.

Since you are not relying on other web-based shopping cart platforms, you will never have any issue with moving your store, editing it, or even selling it.

What are your reasons for drop shipping with WooCommerce? Leave your feedback in the comments.

I wish you much success with your online store!

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