Ebay Poly Mailers are Great for Shipping Clothes

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In my previous post about eBay shipping tips for clothing sellers, I wrote about shipping using USPS priority mail envelopes. Now we have also included eBay poly mailers as part of our shipping process.

Now we have also included eBay poly mailers as part of our shipping process.

It has saved us quite a bit on shipping costs. When we shipped lighter clothing items before, we shipped in the USPS padded flat rate envelopes.

Read below about why these poly mailer bags are our new favorite shipping envelope.

How We Learned About Ebay Poly Mailers

We first heard about the eBay branded polyjacket envelopes from one of the eBay seller newsletters.

When you have an eBay store subscription, you are allotted $25 every quarter to put towards eBay branded shipping supplies.

How We Save On Shipping Costs

We used our credit to buy the 12″ x 15″ size envelopes. These are a good size for accommodating shirts, pants, shorts, and light dresses.

The reason we are loving these bags is because we can ship lighter items first class versus flat rate.

As long as the item does not exceed the USPS first class weight limit of 15.99 ounces, you can ship most clothing items at a lower rate.

The USPS padded flat rate envelope is $6.80 to ship as of this writing.

Some lighter clothing items will ship for around $3 and some change if they are not shipping too far. It saves money for both the customer and for ourselves.

Not only that, shipping first class seems almost as fast as shipping priority mail.

The eBay Branded Packing Supplies Look More Professional

The branded envelopes definitely give off a more professional appearance.

I have received packages from sellers on eBay where I’ve forgotten that I even ordered anything from eBay until I open them.

I see the return address and wonder who the heck is sending me anything.

I think this happens to a lot of people as well. However, if I received a package in an eBay branded package, it would trigger me to remember what I ordered.

There are other package options besides envelopes. They also offer eBay branded boxes in various sizes. There is also branded packing tape if you want to get fancy with your shipping.

We like these envelopes a lot. We still continue to use the clear polybags with suffocation warning (see Tip #1) to place our items in before sealing in the poly mailers.

Overall, we like the professionalism these eBay branded poly mailers offer. What do you think? Have you tried the eBay poly mailers for your shipping? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!