Finding Niche Products Using AliExpress

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After my brief trial run with using Shopify and dropshipping, I was able to browse around AliExpress more than I ever had before.

There are a TON of products and so many categories to choose from.

While many people can find niche ideas on websites such as eBay and Amazon, I think AliExpress is a valuable research tool as well.

In this post, I’ll explain how you can use AliExpress to generate niche ideas and how you can use your niche idea to generate income online.

What is AliExpress?


AliExpress is an online retail service which is owned by Alibaba. A majority of their products are provided by small Chinese businesses.

You can buy products in bulk and many products are available for sale one piece or more at a time.

What makes AliExpress so awesome is that you can create an online store and sell products by dropshipping.

That means that when a customer orders a product, you provide the customer’s shipping information to your supplier on AliExpress.

The supplier then ships the product directly to your customer. You do not have to buy any inventory in advance.

How to Select a Niche Using AliExpress

Getting niche ideas is super easy using AliExpress. It can help to think about the type of things you are already interested in.

However, if you are needing some help, I suggest doing some keyword research. My keyword tool of choice is Jaaxy.

I did a random keyword search for the term “motorcycle parts”. Here are three long-tail keyword phrases that looked good to me:

jaaxy keyword tool

The first column is the average number of searches the keyword receives per month. The second column are the number of visits to your website if you achieve first page rankings in the serach engines.

The third column is the Quoted Search Results: the number of competing websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

The fourth column is the KQI: Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is great, yellow is OK, red is poor.

If you type any of those three keyword phrases into AliExpress’ search box, you will see the types of products that you could potentially sell either by dropshipping, affiliate marketing, or buying in bulk to resell online.

Try the Jaaxy keyword tool for free below:

Finally, you can browse through all of the many categories on AliExpress. There are so many products that you can create a niche around.

How to Sell Products from AliExpress

working online

You can sell products from AliExpress in a variety of ways. One of the most popular ways is to open an e-commerce store and dropship.

Many people go about this process by opening a store on Shopify and using Oberlo to import products from AliExpress.

If you are a WordPress user, the AliDropship Plugin is a great option for creating a dropshipping store sourcing products from AliExpress.

Another method in which to sell AliExpress products is to dropship using eBay. The concept still works the same way but it is extremely difficult because there is major competition on eBay.

It is difficult to find products on AliExpress that aren’t already being sold on eBay. This is because many people have the same idea about dropshipping using eBay’s platform.

You can also order products in bulk from AliExpress and sell them using your own online store or using Amazon and/or eBay.

I’ve read about sellers that find a winning product to sell and have their orders forwarded to an Amazon FBA shipping center.

When orders are placed, Amazon fulfills the orders and ships them to your customers.

The Biggest Obstacle with an E-Commerce Store – Traffic

Having your own e-commerce store is easy enough by signing up with Shopify.

However, making sales with your store is very difficult without any web traffic. Paid traffic is typically how many e-commerce store owners generate traffic in order to make sales.

If you do not have an advertising budget, it can be difficult to get your store off the ground.

Alternative Method to Selling Products from AliExpress

An alternative method to selling the products on AliExpress without having an e-commerce store is by creating a niche website and monetizing it using affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, there is no need to buy any inventory and unlike dropshipping, you do not have to be concerned with a supplier shipping your product for you.

What is great about all of the competition of other sellers selling AliExpress products on Amazon and eBay is that you can sign up as an affiliate of both companies.

Those same products that are on AliExpress are highly likely also on Amazon and eBay. Therefore, you can link to these products using your affiliate links.

When your web visitors click on your affiliate links and make a purchase, you receive a commission from each sale.

Here is a graphic representation of how affiliate marketing works:

affiliate marketing

What About Web Traffic?

Paid traffic is not required for your niche website. You can generate free web traffic by creating helpful content for your visitors.

Over time, the search engines will begin to rank your content. People who are searching for things related to your content will land on your website.

A percentage of people will take action by clicking on your affiliate links and buying products.

An Easier Way to Test Your Dropshipping Niche

Once you have an idea of the niche that you would like to be in for your dropshipping store, you can test the potential of your niche idea with the AliDropship Test Your Niche Tool.

Wrapping Up

I hope that this post has helped in terms of figuring out ways to find a niche for your dropshipping store. Both dropshipping and affiliate marketing are low-cost online business opportunities that anyone can start.

What are your thoughts on either business model? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

Everything Provided for You Including Necessary Guides and Lifetime Support!
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