Five AliDropship Success Stories to Inspire You

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While there are many more than five success stories on the AliDropship blog, I wanted to focus on five to share the potential of dropshipping using AliDropship.

I use the AliDropship plugin myself and it has proved to be everything it says it is.

Creating my dropshipping store has been a breeze and I’m looking forward to making our first sale!

I hope these AliDropship success stories motivate you to start your own dropship store.

Alex – $0 to $6,000 in Four Months

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I found Alex’s story inspiring because he had no previous experience with dropshipping. He liked the AliDropship plugin features so much that he had to give it a try.

Alex’s store sells popular imitation jewelry and accessories. He liked the idea of selling items with a high margin but without having to buy the inventory up front.

Thanks to AliDropship and AliExpress, that is exactly what he was able to do. His profit margins range between 700% and 800%!

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Otto – $13,000+ in One Month


I can relate to Otto’s story a lot because he was tired of working for someone else. He learned of AliDropship and created his first store.

He did have a bit of experience after working for another online shop. However, he pointed out the difference between working for yourself versus someone else.

Otto has managed to learn a ton and gain a lot of experience from managing his own dropshipping store.

Now he has two that bring in his full-time income (he quit his job) and two more that he currently works on.

==> Read Otto’s interview on AliDropship

Kate – Runs a $32,000 per Month Dropshipping Store


Kate’s story is a bit different as she is an actual AliDropship team member. She specializes in creating, testing and analyzing promotional strategies for drop shipping stores.

She had no prior experience with dropshipping until joining the company. The store she manages started as an experimental playground in terms of technical solutions and promotional strategies.

The store sells anime fan merchandise, a very popular niche. What I like most about Kate’s interview is that she gives an insider view on store promotion which is essential for making sales.

==> Read Kate’s interview on AliDropship

Rahul – $0 to $12,000 in Five Months


In the case of Rahul’s story, he started off on the internet writing blogs and doing SEO. He still has Amazon affiliate websites as well as Adsense websites.

However, after discovering the AliDropship plugin, he created his eCommerce websites and hasn’t looked back.

For the most part, operating his stores is pretty passive. He does spend a couple of hours per day handling customer emails and orders.

=> Read Rahul’s interview on AliDropship

Kingpin – $28,000 in 30 Days


Kingpin is an active member of AliDropship’s user forum and is also one of the biggest success stories to date.

He operates 7 dropshipping stores in various niches and makes 500+ sales per day! The cool part is that he didn’t have any previous dropshipping or eCommerce experience.

Kingpin’s interview is very insightful as he discusses how he promotes his stores using video advertising on Facebook.

I highly recommend reading the entire interview below:

==> Read Kingpin’s interview on AliDropship

Are You Ready to Create Your Own AliDropship Success Story?

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I hope these stories have inspired you. They have definitely inspired me! I am in the process of setting up my own dropshipping store.

I can tell you that AliDropship has made it simple. I’ll share with you some things to keep in mind before opening your own dropshipping store.

Niche Research

Figure out what niche you want to target with your store. There are a ton of niches to choose from so even choosing one that you are passionate about is a good option.

AliDropship’s custom store feature handles niche research for you if you would prefer their team to create your store for you.

Familiar with Using WordPress? Order the Plugin

Although I think the custom webstore feature is awesome regardless of your experience with using WordPress if you are looking to start your store on a budget, buying the plugin only is a huge money saver.

For one thing, there are no ongoing monthly fees. When you have the plugin, you own your store 100%.

There are no worries about a third-party shopping cart closing their business and therefore your store.

Not Technically Saavy?

Even if you have zero experience with dropshipping, eCommerce, or even barely understand how to maneuver on the internet, don’t worry.

Anyone can have their own dropshipping store by ordering a turnkey dropshipping store from AliDropship.

I have a background in web development and feel that ordering a custom store offers many benefits.

The team handles niche research, social media pages creation, domain registration, initial marketing, unique custom design, product importing, and more.

Most of all, you save a lot of time and can begin marketing your store immediately.

In Closing

I hope that these stories have helped to inspire and motivate you to create your own dropshipping store.

If these online business owners with minimal to zero experience with dropshipping can achieve success, anyone who put in the effort can do so as well.

I wish you much success in your future online business!


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