How to Build a Free Affiliate Website in Under 5 Minutes

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Getting a website up and running is so easy today. Back in the day, you had to know how to create a website from scratch or outsource the work.

There are so many free website creation services available that getting a website up can literally take minutes.

This article is going to cut to the chase on why you shouldn’t waste time with certain free website options.

What Are Some Free Website Services?

You can find free website services all over the web. However, most are very limiting in what you can and cannot do in terms of affiliate promotion.

Here are some of the free website services you could consider (but don’t just yet!):


Before you rush over to any of the sites above, read the following so you do not end up wasting your time. If you want to learn how to build a free affiliate website, then read along.

There is a better option!

Why All Free Website Services Aren’t Created Equal


Your Website is in Jeopardy

One of the major reasons you should NOT build your website on most free website services is because those services can shut down your website for any reason.

Imagine investing time and effort into an affiliate website and then having your account closed without notice? Even worse, what if your website was earning income?

You never want to place your online business in the hands of another service that could pull the plug on it at any given time.

You Are Limited in How You Advertise

Many free website services limit you on how you advertise on your website. Some do not allow banner advertising.

Some do not allow affiliate marketing at all! It is no way to start a serious online business.

Some Free Websites Add Advertising On Your Website

Unless you go premium with some services, the service will add their own advertising to your website.

Not only does this take away from what you’re trying to promote, it also hurts the credibility of your website.

Limitations On Plugins and Analytics

Most of the free website services do not allow you to install plugins or analytics software. Plugins are important if you need specific features on your website.

Analytics are important so that you can tell how much web traffic you are receiving, whether users are on their desktop or mobile, as well as knowing what keywords your site is ranking for.

Here is a Better Free Affiliate Website Option


Now that you know all of the cons as to why you shouldn’t utilize just any free website service, I am going to introduce you to something better.

This free website service uses the WordPress platform. It allows you to install other plugins, analytics, and tons of themes.

Best of all, this service is made FOR Affiliate Marketers! It is called SiteRubix and you can use it to create your website in literally 5 minutes or less.

SiteRubix is part of Wealthy Affiliate, a service / community that trains anyone who wants to learn on how to create an online business based on topics that interest you.

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Using SiteRubix allows you to promote any affiliate products you want. If you want to transfer your SiteRubix website to your own personal domain, you can do so with a click of a button by going premium.

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When you create your free SiteRubix site, you also have access to Wealthy Affiliates free training. You get the training you need to grow your affiliate site(s).

Give it a try today and make sure you follow me inside of Wealthy Affiliate. My user name is: ehaines.


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