Make Money Making Websites with WordPress

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A couple of posts back I wrote about having a side hustle and three ways you could do so working from home. I choose to make money making websites as one of my streams of income.

Years ago, it was very difficult for the average person to create a website using WordPress. You would have to outsource website creation to a web developer. Today, it is easier than ever to get a WordPress site up and running.

Below, I will outline why I choose WordPress to make money making websites, how to get your first site up fast, as well as share some WordPress plugins that I install on every new site I build.

Why I Choose WordPress to Make Money Making Websites

WordPress has been around forever. It has improved with each new software release. It is constantly updated and has tons of plugins to choose from. It is easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE!

I download and install the WordPress software on every new site I build. It isn’t difficult to do but can be very challenging for someone who has no technical skills.

You do have other options. Keep reading below.

How to Get Your WordPress Website Up Fast

The fastest way to get your WordPress site up is to sign up to and create a free account.

Once you have an account, you can set up your first site. It is all very user-friendly and will only take you a few minutes to complete.

Your new site is free and is hosted by WordPress. Keep in mind that your domain name will be similar to: “” which is actually a subdomain off of

There are pros and cons to having your site on the actual WordPress service.


  • Easy to set-up
  • It is Free
  • Option to create multiple websites


  • Your account could be closed for any reason
  • Little to no advertising options
  • You cannot upload and install plugins
  • You cannot upload and install new themes
  • No training on how to make money making websites

Having a free WordPress website is good for beginners who have never used the platform. You can definitely practice learning how to blog with your free account.

However, you are very restricted in what you can do with your free site. When you are ready to begin making money with your website, you won’t be able to do the things that generate sales.

You are not allowed to post Google Adsense ads, you cannot review products, and you cannot write paid posts. To sum it up, you cannot use your free blog for commercial purposes.

A Better Alternative

Most other free website services are the same when it comes to earning revenue from your website. They have strict rules on advertising.

A better alternative for those who want to make money making websites is SiteRubix.

Unlike other free website services, SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. They encourage you to turn your passion into profit. They teach people how to use WordPress websites to create a long-term online business.

In short, you have the freedom to earn revenue from your website using ads, affiliate links, email lists, and more.

Your domain name will be a subdomain off of the SiteRubix service (for example: However, they make it super easy to transfer your SiteRubix site to your own domain name that you choose.

Click here to create your free website with SiteRubix.

Plugins I Use for All of My WordPress Sites

There are four plugins that I install on all of my personal WordPress sites. They include:

Yoast SEO – This plugin does so much in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). It gives you guidelines to follow in order to be sure you are using your keyword effectively in your content. It also creates your website’s XML sitemap which you can submit to Google’s and Bing’s webmaster tools.

Sumo Me – This plugin has everything you need to help you build your audience. It offers free tools to encourage social media sharing of your posts and to collect email addresses to build your subscriber list.

Contact Form 7 – This plugin generates contact forms for your site. Copy and paste the shortcode into a page and you have an instant contact form that will send you an email when someone fills it out.

Click to Tweet – You can use this plugin to create short sentences that users can click and tweet to their Twitter feed. For example, create a sentence talking about your post. Paste the shortcode into your copy and readers have an easy way to share your content. Check the example below.

[Tweet “Build an online business using WordPress.”]

The Best Way to Make Money Making Websites

Having a free website up and running is one thing. Making money with it is another. Most people never make it past the first month of creating their site.

They have no guidance, no plan, no goals, no support, and no idea how to monetize their site. When there are no immediate results, they give up.

I’ve repeated that pattern over and over through the years. I had to stop the cycle and vowed that I would learn how to make niche websites that earn a steady income. No more creating random sites that only made a buck or two.

I found Wealthy Affiliate and I’m already seeing results!

The training has taught me so much about building niche websites and driving traffic to them. I finally have the guidance and support I’ve been missing all of these years.

Now when I have questions, I can ask and receive answers from people who have already achieved success. I also get to help other people with what I’ve already learned.

Building an online business requires more than putting a website up. The best way to make money making websites is to get training that works, follow it, and stay consistent.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

It has made a huge difference in how I make money online!