Can You Make Money Selling Baby Clothes Online?

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Is it possible to make money selling baby clothes online? The answer is yes! Selling children’s clothes is big business. In fact, it is a million dollar industry that is only going to continue to grow.

Revenue in the Baby Clothes segment amounts to US$47,479m in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 5.4%—

There are a variety of ways in which you can begin selling baby clothes online. Many people begin selling on eBay or other platforms like Etsy.

It can be difficult to compete with so many other sellers who are selling the same type of baby clothes. However, I will share one method that will help you to stand apart.

It will not require you to buy any inventory upfront and it is a low-cost, low-risk online business model.

This method is called dropshipping and it will enable you to open your own eCommerce store selling baby clothes that you won’t even have to ship yourself.

The Types of Baby Clothes You Can Sell

There is such a wide variety of baby clothes to sell. From newborn to toddlers, you can sell clothes according to the seasons, special occasions, activity, and more.

Here are some ideas for the types of clothes you can sell:

  • Onesies
  • Overalls
  • Shirts
  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • Shorts
  • Jackets
  • Socks
  • Hoodies
  • Pajamas
  • Rompers

Baby clothes is a good niche in itself. However, you can sub-niche and sell specific types of baby clothing. For example, you can focus on selling clothes for girls and create an online boutique.

You can also focus solely on newborn babies or outfits for special occasions. You have a lot of flexibility in this niche.

Where To Find Suppliers for Baby Clothes

It really depends on how you plan to sell which can help determine where you source your inventory.

For example, if you only plan to make a bit of extra money and want to sell on a platform such as eBay, you can easily find discount clothing in department stores.

Sometimes you can find new and gently used clothing at local thrift stores.

If you want to sell new clothing in your own eCommerce store it is a good idea to order them at wholesale pricing. You can locate wholesale suppliers on your own. All it takes is a web search.

However, it can be a bit time consuming and difficult to know if you are finding legitimate suppliers. One way to search for vetted suppliers is by using a wholesale supplier directory like SaleHoo.

You can also find trendy brand new baby clothing on AliExpress is a large online retailer with merchants primarily based in China as well as other locations across the globe including the U.S.

You are able to buy items individually on AliExpress or buy in bulk. It is a popular sourcing option for dropshipping store owners which I will talk more about below.

Why eBay Isn’t The Best Way to Make Money Selling Baby Clothes

When we were selling clothes on eBay years ago, the competition was already tough. Today, it seems even tougher.

If you do a search for baby clothes, the search results will be the top sellers. The remaining results will be of baby clothes that are offered at low pricing.

If you were to add your listings, chances are your listings would barely get any views unless you paid for sponsored posts.

Between the fierce competition and items being sold at such low pricing, it is difficult to make much money on eBay.

This doesn’t even take into account the fees eBay charges for listings and when a product sells.

When you consider all of this, attempting to make good money selling baby clothes on eBay doesn’t seem to be a worthwhile option.

Selling Baby Clothes with Your Own Dropshipping Store

The dropship model is a low-cost and low-risk way to open your own eCommerce store. Unlike a typical eCommerce store, you do not need to buy your inventory in bulk.

That means no spending a ton of cash upfront for your products and no spending money for storage. You do not order products until your customers order from your store.

the dropshipping model

You place the items that your dropshipping suppliers are selling into your own online store. When a customer places an order, you then order that item from your supplier.

During the checkout process, you input your customer’s shipping details and the dropshipping supplier will ship the item directly to your customer for you.

Your profit is the difference in price between what you charged the customer and what your supplier charged you.

How To Open Your Own Dropshipping Store

As I mentioned earlier, you will need to locate dropshipping suppliers. The easiest way to get started is to source your products from AliExpress.

AliExpress has millions of products. They do not have any requirements or registration fees to begin selling. They offer free shipping on many items as well as ePacket shipping (a faster shipping method from China to the United States).

They also have suppliers that ship from the U.S. as well if that is something that you prefer. However, longer shipping times are not a major factor when it comes to making sales with your own store.

Order a Custom Made Dropshipping Store From AliDropship

I use the AliDropship dropshipping software myself. It is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that turns a WordPress website into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business.

You can build your store yourself using the AliDropship plugin if you are already familiar with using WordPress.

However, the easiest and most efficient way to get your store open is to order a custom built dropshipping store from AliDropship.

They offer three different custom store packages and regardless of which one that you choose, you will be assigned your own personal manager who will handle the entire buildout of your store.

Ordering a custom built store can save you so much time. Doing it yourself would require you to do your own product research, import each product, edit your product titles, descriptions, and images.

The custom store packages also include services such as building your social media account pages, on-page SEO, niche research, domain registration, and so much more.

AliDropship also offers a Supreme Custom Store Packasge in which they also create ready ads for Facebook and Instagram.

Understanding What Is Involved with Owning a Dropshipping Store

Once you have your baby clothing dropshipping store up and running, the real work will begin.

It is important to treat your online store like a real business because that is exactly what it is.

You will have to spend time on store promotion using social media as well as paid advertising. The nice thing about an AliDropship store is that you will not have recurring monthly fees to use the software.

You can use the money that you save on software fees on paid advertising campaigns. Promoting your store and the items in it will be your top priority.

As you begin making sales, you will also have to deal with any customer service issues that come up. Customers may email you regarding shipping questions, pricing, refunds, and returns.

Customer service is a part of any business and it is important that you provide the best service that you can.

My Closing Opinion On Selling Baby Clothes Online

Baby clothes is an evergreen niche indeed. It is a market that will grow year after year. If your goal is to make a bit of side income then selling baby clothes on a platform like eBay can still turn a small profit.

However, if you want to create a larger online income, it may be worth it to open your own eCommerce store. Doing so has many benefits.

You are not at the mercy of another eCommerce website such as eBay where you must abide by their terms and pay their fees.

Owning your own dropshipping store provides you more freedom and flexibility. As long as you put in the effort, market your store, and provide great customer service, it can develop into a long-term income opportunity.

That being said, check out the custom store building service that AliDropship provides. They offer their standard packages as well as a Supreme package that optimizes your store for the highest profits.

Each package includes free lifelong software updates and free lifelong customer support.