Can You Make Money with SamCart?

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If you sell anything online, whether it is a physical product or digital product, chances are you are in need of a shopping cart platform that works well.

When I came across SamCart, I really liked the simplicity of the one-page sales page. It offers an ideal solution for anyone that wants to sell a single product without the bulkiness of typical shopping cart software.

It is also a fresh alternative to the sales funnel strategy as you highlight your product’s features on one single page with the checkout process on the same page as well.

Start Selling with 1 Page

Typically when someone wants to sell their products or services online, they will be presented with two options: a multi-step sales funnel or a full-on eCommerce store.

Both of these options are overwhelming and often unnecessary for someone that wants to sell a single product or service.

This is what makes SamCart’s 1-page sales page a great solution. The software enables you to create a one-page sales page with all of the key features that are proven to increase conversions.

samcart sales page
Example of a SamCart Sales Page
samcart checkout form
SamCart checkout form

The 6 Keys to Higher Conversions

A SamCart sales page is more than having the checkout process on the same page. You have the benefit of using six key conversion features to help boost your sales.

They include:

  1. Social proof (customer reviews)
  2. Benefits (outlines why to buy your product and how it helps)
  3. Scarcity (offering limited time discount, bonus, or product availability)
  4. Guarantee (warranty or money-back guarantee)
  5. Objections (eliminate objections with a Q&A section)
  6. Upgrade (enable customers to upgrade their order)

The software lets you customize your sales page using these six keys on any of their built-in templates.

Other Cool SamCart Features

Besides having the ability to create your custom one-page sales pages, you get several additional features as well.

  • Profit Center Dashboard – track sales in real-time
  • Subscriptions and Pay Plans
  • Automatic Product Delivery (integrates with several tools)
  • Free or paid trials
  • Upsell feature

SamCart Pricing – How Much is SamCart?

SamCart offers two plans: Pro and Premium. The Pro plan is $99 per month and the Premium plan is $199 per month.

Here is what you get depending on the plan that you choose:

FeaturesPro PlanPremium Plan
Unlimited PagesYesYes
Unlimited ProductsYesYes
Subscriptions, Payment Plans, Free TrialsYesYes
Built-in Order BumpsYesYes
1-Click UpsellsYesYes
Auto Cart AbandonmentYesYes
Template LibraryYesYes
100+ IntegrationsYesYes
Instant Product DeliveryYesYes
Zero Transaction FeesYesYes
Advanced ReportingYesYes
Built-in A/B TestingYesYes
Subscription RecoveryYesYes
Direct Deposit PaymentsYesYes
Live SupportYesYes
100% Mobile SupportYesYes
Pixel Tracking + AnalyticsYesYes
The Subscription SaverNoYes
The Affiliate CenterNoYes
Dedicated Training and SupportNoYes

What Can You Sell with SamCart?

The SamCart platform is great for selling information products, physical products, and services.

Digital Products

I think SamCart is awesome for internet marketers that want to sell their digital products. If you want to sell an online course or an eBook, the one-page sales page is a great solution.

Physical Products

The one-page sales page strategy is excellent for highlighting a single physical product. This may be especially helpful for dropshippers that prefer to dropship a single product versus opening a full eCommerce store.


Do you have a service that you want to sell such as coaching, consulting, freelancing, etc? The one-page sales page is ideal for all types of services.

How to Make Sales with SamCart

Having a solid sales page is key. You definitely want a beautiful sales page that helps to convert your products or services.

However, you cannot make sales without traffic to your sales page. Like any business, you have to advertise.

Advertising today is convenient and you have a variety of options. Social media is an awesome and free way to promote your brand and sales page.

Instagram is a great platform for this. If you can devote the time to engaging with your followers and gaining new ones, you can generate new customers without spending a dime.

A fast-track method for sales is by utilizing Facebook ads. It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on Facebook ads without results when you are inexperienced.

I recommend finding a good Facebook ads course to learn how to make the most of your ad spend. Brian Moran (co-founder of SamCart) also has a Facebook Ads course that may be worth considering.

SamCart vs ClickFunnels

I think when it comes to comparing SamCart to ClickFunnels, you really have to ask yourself what your needs are for selling your product or service.

ClickFunnels software is great for creating multi-step sales funnels. Some people like the funnel process of creating a landing page which takes a user to a sales page, then multiple upsell pages.

Then there are those that want a really simple checkout process which is where SamCart fits in nicely. You get a landing page and checkout process all on one page.

Another thing to consider is pricing. As of this writing, ClickFunnels has two plans which cost $97 per month and $297 per month.

If you want unlimited options and the ClickFunnels full suite of features, be prepared to pay the $297 per month pricing. The SamCart Pro Plan offers unlimited products and pages at $99 per month.

As far as upsells, you also get that with SamCart and what is nice about it is that it is on one page so the customer can easily click your upsell and have it added to their order.

Upsell option on SamCart

SamCart vs Shopify

The difference is fairly easy to understand when comparing SamCart with Shopify.

Shopify is ideal for selling a wider variety of products. For example, if you wanted to open a dropshipping store or sell clothing, etc.

Shopify does have a Lite plan for $9 per month that lets you add products to any website or blog and accept credit card payments.

However, you do not get all of the conversion options that you can get with a SamCart sales page. Also, you would need to have a bit of technical skill to implement the Shopify Lite plan.

SamCart is all drag-and-drop with built-in templates so anyone can create a sales page with zero technical knowledge.

My Closing Thoughts On SamCart

I really like what SamCart has to offer in terms of selling products and services. I’m big on keeping things simple so I can appreciate the simplicity of a 1-page sales page.

A simple checkout process is a sure way to convert visitors into sales and SamCart does an excellent job of building in key conversion features.

Will SamCart work for every situation? Probably not. I think it is ideal for anyone that wants to sell their products or services on a single page.

You can test out SamCart for yourself using their 14-Day Free Trial.