Can You Sell Backpacks Online and Make Money?

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Backpacks aren’t only for students. People use and need backpacks for all types of reasons. It is no surprise that backpack sales is a billion-dollar industry:

The global backpack market was estimated to be worth around 17.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 and was forecast to reach a value of 22.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.—

Of the various types of bags that are for sale, backpacks definitely rank highly for being a bag that is in high demand.

If you are interested in opening your own eCommerce business within the backpack niche, I will explain how you can do so without buying inventory or having to ship any products.

You can have your own eCommerce store for well under the $500 price range—even under $150 if you are willing to build your store yourself. Let’s get started!

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Who Is Buying Backpacks Anyway?

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Students are not the only ones that need backpacks. Some people prefer to use backpacks as their daily bag because they can hold a lot more and carry it on their backs.

Let’s explore some other backpack user needs:

Computer Backpacks

There are millions of people that use laptops and must carry them around wherever they go. Whether for schoolwork or for business, people need good computer backpacks. These types of backpacks have special compartments for laptops. Some even have openings for charging cables and other cool features.

Photography Backpacks

Photographers carry a lot of photo gear and backpacks that cater to their needs are essential. Even novice photographers require a good bag to carry all of their camera equipment.

Hiking Backpacks

Hikers are a large part of backpack users. Hiking backpacks are designed differently than the average backpack. You could open a store dedicated solely to hiking backpacks and do well. It is a popular sub-niche of the backpacking niche.

Messenger Bags

Although messenger bags aren’t necessarily a backpack, they are still a type of bag that is carried on the back or shoulder. They are designed for easy access and travel around town.

Travel Backpacks

My parents always use backpacks when they are traveling. It is much easier to have a backpack as your carry-on bag on an airplane. Many people like to travel light and backpacks make that easy to do.

Children’s Backpacks

A lot of parents prefer to have a small children’s backpack for their kids. They can carry snacks, coloring books, tablets, games, or other items a child may need throughout their day.

Gym Bags

There are specialized gym bags that are more of a duffel style bag. However, many gym-goers prefer using a backpack to carry their gear. They are easy to carry and easier to fit in a locker versus a larger duffel bag.

Backpacks can also make a fashion statement. They can be made of canvas or leather. Some are one-shoulder carry. Many backpacks are designed nicely and can garner compliments on their own.

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How To Sell Backpacks Online with Your Own Store

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Now that you know how much of a market there is for backpacks, it is time to learn how to open your own online store.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that there will be no need to buy any inventory up front or deal with any shipping and handling yourself?

This is possible thanks to the dropshipping model. Dropshipping is an extremely popular online business model that has allowed people from all over the globe to start their first eCommerce business.

The dropshipping model works like this:

  • You locate dropshipping suppliers for your inventory.
  • You place the items they are selling into your own store.
  • When a customer places an order, you then order it from your dropshipping supplier.
  • The dropshipping supplier then ships the item directly to your customer.
  • Your profit is the difference in price between what you charged the customer and what the dropshipping supplier charged you.

Therefore, you never need to touch the product at all. You don’t have to tie up your cash into a bunch of inventory that may or may not sell.

You do not have to worry about storing inventory in your home or renting out a storage facility. Dropshipping is a low-cost and low-risk way to begin selling online.

Locating Dropshipping Suppliers

Seeking out dropshipping suppliers on your own is a long and tedious process. There are several things to keep in mind when doing a search:

  • Will they offer wholesale pricing?
  • Do they have registration fees?
  • Do they charge dropshipping fees?
  • Are there limits on the items that you sell?

An easier and one of the most popular options for sourcing products is to use

AliExpress is a large online retailer with merchants primarily based in China and other locations around the world to include the U.S.

They do not have any registration fees or requirements to sell their products. There are no limits on how much you can sell and no limits on your profit margins.

Many of their products are offered at such low prices that you can double or even triple your markup and still offer a great deal to your customers.

Many people are hesitant about sourcing products from AliExpress due to longer shipping times from China. However, longer shipping times are not a major factor at all.

I’ve written a blog post about why AliExpress shipping times will not affect your store sales.

How To Open Your Own Dropshipping Store

I’m all about efficiency when it comes to starting online businesses. Dropshipping is an easy online business to start. In most cases, the dropshipping software and eCommerce platform that you choose will still require you to build your store yourself.

That isn’t a big deal if you have the time and you don’t mind a small learning curve in terms of learning the shopping cart and dropshipping software that you choose.

However, if you want to have your store built by professionals and you want to save the time and hassle of doing it yourself, I recommend ordering a custom built dropshipping business from AliDropship.

I use the AliDropship plugin for my own store. It is a WordPress dropshipping plugin.

It transforms a WordPress website (a clean install) into a full-featured AliExpress dropshipping business. If you are familiar with using WordPress, you can order the AliDropship plugin and build your store yourself.

If you are a WooCommerce user, you’ll be glad to know that the plugin includes the AliDropship Woo version as well.

Can AliDropship Build a Backpack Store?

Yes! Not only can they custom build your backpack store but they custom build a store for any niche.

If you don’t really have an interest in selling backpacks but aren’t sure of what niche to build your store in, don’t worry. Niche market research is part of every custom store package.

You will be assigned a personal manager who will handle all aspects of your store’s buildout. You will have a team of developers working on your store. You can ask questions and provide feedback anytime you want.

Promoting Your Store and Making Sales

Regardless of whether you build your dropshipping store yourself or have it custom built for you, your next step is to focus on marketing your store.

Without marketing, you will have a difficult time making any sales. There are free ways to market your business to include creating free social media accounts.

You can also create a blog and YouTube channel to write reviews about the products that you sell in your store.

Many dropshipping store owners find success with paid advertising methods such as Facebook ads and Instagram shout-outs.

There are other paid advertising options such as Pinterest ads and Google Shopping ads.

Most people start off by learning one advertising platform and then moving on to another after they have mastered one. The AliDropship blog is a great resource full of free marketing advice.

My Final Opinion On Selling Backpacks Online

The backpack niche is an evergreen niche that is also a billion dollar industry. You can have a general backpack store or focus on specialty backpacks such as computer, photography, or hiking.

Dropshipping is a low-cost and low-risk way to open an eCommerce business. Ordering a custom built dropshipping store is a fast and efficient way to launch your business.

Keep in mind that like any business, you will have to spend time promoting your store. A marketing budget is necessary. However, AliDropship software has no recurring monthly fees.

The money that you save by using it can easily be allocated to your marketing budget.

What are your thoughts about the backpack niche? Leave your opinion in the comments below.