How to Sell Younique Makeup Online to Increase Your Sales

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As an independent distributor of the Younique makeup line, you are probably super excited about sharing the products as well as the business opportunity with others.

However, you are likely feeling lost or stuck on how to go about selling the products and building your own network of distributors.

You’ve probably considered or even tried vlogging (video blogging) on YouTube with little success.

I have experience selling network marketing products online. I will share how you can help increase your sales of the Younique makeup line and start making money with your business.

Learning How to Sell Younique Makeup Online

sell unique makeup

Younique is a network marketing company that provides a business opportunity for anyone who is interested in selling the Younique product line.

Like other multilevel marketing companies, you can also earn income by sharing the business opportunity with others and building a team (your downline).

Makeup is a multi-billion dollar industry. It is a great evergreen niche and there is a huge audience for it.

Your job is to get in front of your targeted audience as much as possible. Offline opportunities can include hosting makeup parties and casually introducing the products to people you meet throughout your day.

Remember that there are 3.2 billion people online. You can reach these people easily using social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

However, a very underutilized online marketing tool is having your own website. You may be thinking, “but Younique provides all distributors with their own website.”

While this may be true, those websites are likely “cookie cutter” websites. Meaning, everyone gets an exact copy of the same website.

In terms of obtaining free organic traffic from the internet, it is extremely difficult and highly unlikely when using a duplicate website.

I highly recommend creating your own unique website that you can create content on that will help you get found in the search engines.

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Utilize Sales Funnels to Boost Your Younique Business

A sales funnel is the process of leading a customer through a buying process. A typical sales funnel consists of a landing page or “squeeze page” and a thank you page.

basic sales funnel

The sole purpose of the squeeze page is to capture a visitor’s email address.

Typically, you will place some type of incentive on your squeeze page to entice visitors such as a free email course, discount, or other free perk related to what you are selling.

Once the user submits their email address, they are taken to your thank you page which can contain an introduction video, image, or the free incentive that you promised.

As people subscribe to your email list, you now have the opportunity to communicate with them by sending more helpful information about your product or service.

I am using the ClickFunnels™ platform which is a drag-and-drop sales funnel creator.

You can grab your first free sales funnel here and receive training on how they work and how how they can boost your business.

All businesses (online and offline) need sales funnels. They can literally change the trajectory of your business.

I also recommend reading Russel Brunson’s (ClickFunnel’s™ creator) Dot Com Secrets book which he is giving away for free (just pay shipping) to learn how sales funnels can improve your business.

Vlogging is Great but Don’t Forget to Blog!

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Many people who sell make up online turn to YouTube to build their target audience. Video marketing is huge and a great way to grow your business.

There are many successful YouTubers who are generating non-stop leads for their businesses by creating makeup tutorials.

The key is to create helpful and entertaining videos on a regular basis. One video every couple of months won’t cut it.

If you look at any successful YouTube channel, most people have tons of videos posted. Once a week is a good posting schedule. If you can do more, even better!

While vlogging should be a part of your marketing strategy, don’t forget about utilizing a blog. A well-maintained blog can generate hundreds of visitors per day and even grow to thousands of visitors per month.

Imagine having this type of exposure for your business each day without having to spend money on advertising.

Blogging works the same way as vlogging in that you should create new content as often as possible to increase your chances of being ranked in the search engines.

What Type of Content Should Go On Your Blog?

If you feel like writing on a blog is intimidating because you’ll run out of topics, think again. Here are some topic ideas to get you started:

  • Makeup tutorials (embed your YouTube video) – write in detail how to apply the makeup
  • Product reviews
  • Talk about the benefits of starting a Younique business
  • Interview your Younique sponsor
  • Create contests to win Younique products
  • Share your experience as a Younique distributor

One of my most effective sales strategies, when I promoted a particular health shake, was to share my own experience with using the product on a daily basis.

I wrote about my favorite shake recipes, how the shake helped me with weight loss, and so on. What made this tactic so effective is because I genuinely enjoyed and used the product.

How Often Should You Blog?

I wrote a post recently called “How often should I post on my blog?“.

A brief summary of this post is to blog often. What I mean by often is a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week.

The more content you have flowing, the higher your chances of ranking in the search engines for various keywords.

Not only that, but you are allowing yourself to build up a loyal following of readers who are interested in your topic of makeup.

Most loyal blog followers want and expect new content. You definitely want to cater to this audience.

Keyword Research and Why You Should Do It

Writing great content is an important part of maintaining a blog. However, to give yourself a fighting chance in the search engines, it helps to write each of your posts based on specific keywords.

I start off all of my blog posts by doing keyword research on the topic I intend on writing about.

I place the keywords in my title and write about them naturally throughout my posts.

Keywords are an essential tool for writing for your target audience. You’ll want to target long tail keywords.

For example, instead of simply writing about “makeup colors” which is very broad and competitive, try a long tail keyword like “makeup colors for brown eyes”.

You would have less competition and you are writing for a targeted visitor. When this reader lands on your article and you explain about colors specifically for brown eyes, they may likely choose to buy your makeup recommendation which would be your Younique product line.

Not only have you provided some really helpful information, you’ve also recommended a high-quality product to help your visitor.

How to Funnel New Leads to Your Website

A business will not do well without a constant flow of new leads that you can convert into new customers.

Your website (blog) should be treated as your home base. This is where new prospects will find you and contact you.

It is important to have a contact page with all of the ways a prospect can reach you with questions they may have.

Once you have your own website, you can begin funneling leads to it. One way to do this is to link product reviews from your blog into the description area of your YouTube videos.

You can also link to reviews on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Once people land on your website, you can capture their email address and telephone number (optional).

This gives you the ability to follow up with prospects and hopefully convert them into customers.

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