Can You Really Make Money Selling Dollar Store Items On Ebay?

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Selling on eBay is a great way to make some extra cash. In order to make a profit, you have to source items at a low cost that can be resold for more than what you paid.

I thought about reselling items from dollar stores such as the Dollar Tree, 99 Cent store, etc. However, the individual items sold there really aren’t worth more than a dollar.

How can you turn a profit from selling dollar store items on eBay? I did a bit of research and found out some cool ways to do so. It takes a bit more effort but can lead to some extra monthly income.

Our Brief Experience Selling On eBay

ebay cardboard box

Several years ago, we sold used items on eBay to make some extra money. It worked out well until we ran out of products.

We began sourcing products from thrift stores but after a while, it became costly and took much longer to sell those items.

Before we knew it, we had tons of stock sitting in our closets that we couldn’t move. Things were selling slowly and weren’t producing enough cash flow.

We tried our best to make a full-time income from eBay but it was difficult for us to do so.

What we found sold well were men’s clothing such as golf shirts and pants, women’s name brand purses, and some name brand shoes when we could find them.

However, it can take a lot of work to find good quality items used or at a discount. You also need constant cash flow to be able to afford to buy products.

Using the dollar stores as a sourcing option is a good idea if you don’t have a ton of money to start with. You have to be a little creative up front but you can end up with unique items to resell.

How to Start Selling Dollar Store Items On eBay

The first thing to make a note of is that you can buy bulk resale items on the Dollar Tree website:

dollar tree website

Why is this helpful? It can be a great resource for those who do not have any dollar stores in their area. It is also helpful if the dollar stores in your area do not carry the items that you need or do not have enough in stock.

How To Sell Bulk Items From Dollar Stores

Sometimes you can find items that are worth more when bundled together. For example, Dollar Tree sells some named brand household items such as Dial hand soap.

A case costs $12 for 12 hand soaps. You can sell them in a 3-pack for $8. That would be four sets of 3-packs. At $8 per set, you could earn $24 which is a $12 profit (double what you paid for the case.)

You can repeat this process for all types of household goods. Dollar Tree sells soap, hand wipes, sunscreen lotion, and more, many of which are name brand.

Get Creative With Party Sets

Another creative approach that I’ve come across are bundling together party supplies. If you’ve ever browsed a dollar store, you will find a party supply section.

They have different themes depending on the season. For example, with summer approaching, there is a lot of Hawaiian themed items in the dollar stores near us.

You can create an entire party set by putting together leis, grass skirts, coconut bras, pineapple decor, etc. Add in some matching paper plates, plastic utensils, napkins, tablecloth, and cups and you can sell the bundle on eBay for a nice profit.

aloha party set

You can create a party set for 10 people or 30 people. The larger the amount, the more that you can charge to make a profit.

Gift Baskets

You can apply the same bundling concept to gift baskets. There are many holidays throughout the year in which people seek out gift baskets.

Gift baskets are super easy to put together depending on the theme of the basket.

Think about Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so on. You can create year-round gift baskets that people may look for as birthday gifts, graduation presents, anniversaries, and more.

Most dollar stores will have everything that you need to create gift baskets including the baskets themselves as well as the plastic bags to put the baskets in.

If you need another basket resource, check your local thrift stores as many people donate their unused and used baskets.

You can get really creative with bundling items from the dollar stores!

Make a Larger Profit From Wholesale Items

man typing on laptop

While buying in bulk from the dollar stores can save you some money, there is still a way to lower costs for a larger profit.

The way to do this is by locating wholesale suppliers and buying items at wholesale prices.

Let’s say that you really like the idea of bundling party supply sets. Rather than paying a $1.00 a piece for a case of Hawaiian leis, you could get those same leis from a wholesaler for 0.25 cents a piece.

Buying wholesale enables you to increase your profit margins. Many sellers on eBay buy wholesale.

Locating Wholesale Suppliers

The first step to buying wholesale is to locate wholesale suppliers. You can do this manually by searching on the web. However, it is a long and tedious process.

You may also come across wholesale suppliers that are not truly wholesalers. They may be middlemen disguised as wholesalers. Therefore, you will not get the best pricing.

A much faster and reliable option is to make use of a legitimate wholesale directory like SaleHoo. This directory has already vetted over 8,000 wholesale suppliers.

That means you can save yourself the time and hassle of trying to figure out which supplier to work with. They make it an easy process to contact these suppliers and create a relationship with them.

Things To Keep In Mind With Wholesale Suppliers

There are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind when dealing with wholesale suppliers.

Some Suppliers Will Require a Resale License

You may be required to have a resale license (reseller license or resale certificate) to work with most wholesalers. Resale licenses vary from state to state.

For the most part, a resale license provides wholesale suppliers with your tax ID. You charge state sales tax to your customers and then you must pay that to your state.

In California, you apply for a resale license from the Board of Equalization. On their website it states:

If you purchase tangible personal property for resale, the transaction is not subject to sales or use tax provided the sale is properly documented. As a result, your supplier will ask you to provide a resale certificate as proof that the property was purchased for resale.

You can get all of the information that you need when you apply for your license in the state in which you are doing business.

The More You Buy The Better The Pricing

Some wholesale suppliers will give you better pricing depending on the number of items that you buy at one time. You’ll already be buying in bulk.

However, if you increase the quantity of the items, the supplier may lower the cost per item. You may also be able to work out a better deal if you plan on ordering more than what is offered.

You Will Need More Start-Up Cash

When buying wholesale, you will need a bit more cash to buy the products that you want to sell. The good news is that you will get them at a better price than the dollar stores.

That is why it is important to make sure that the items you want to buy are going to sell well. Otherwise, you could be stuck with a bunch of inventory that you’ll have a difficult time selling.

My Closing Opinion On Selling Dollar Store Items On eBay

I think that selling dollar store items on eBay is a great way to find out what types of items sell well and also what you will have fun selling.

It is a low-cost way to experiment with different products. There is a lot of competition on eBay so the more creative you are the better.

Once you figure out what is selling well for you, you can increase your profit margins by buying your inventory wholesale versus from the dollar stores.

Save yourself the time of seeking out wholesale suppliers on your own by using a wholesale directory like SaleHoo.

Buying wholesale also opens you up to owning your own eCommerce store. You can easily sell your wholesale items on a platform such as Shopify.

Overall, you have some good options when it comes to sourcing products. What are your thoughts on selling dollar store items on eBay? Share them in the comments below.