Start Selling Products Online for Other Companies and Quit Your J.O.B

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When I discovered that there were people selling products online for other companies and were able to do so full-time from home, I was hooked.

The method I’m referring to is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the promotion of another company’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

There are bloggers and YouTubers earning income this way month after month. I am one of them and in this post, I’m going to share with you how you can get started and what is involved on a daily basis.

Is It Legal to Sell Other Companies Products Using Affiliate Marketing?

When you become an affiliate marketer, it is completely legal to sell products for companies for free. What you must do first is to establish your own website and then apply to affiliate programs.

Having your own website makes it easier to sell products online from home. That is because when you sign up for affiliate programs, you will be provided with special tracking links.

These tracking links are what give you credit for a sale when you someone clicks on them from your website. That is how affiliate programs work. Check out the graphic below for a better understanding:

affiliate marketing flowchart

Another important reason to you have your own website is that many affiliate programs ask for your domain name as well as how you are going to promote their products.

This is why I strongly recommend anyone new to affiliate marketing to start their own blog. Having a blog is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get started as an affiliate.

It is how I got started with affiliate marketing and it is what I continue to do now. When I started I was laid off from a cubicle job building websites and got a full-time retail job afterward to make ends meet.

Blogging was low-cost and it was easy for me to create content on my free time. Eventually, blogging on a regular basis in combination with recommending various affiliate products is what enabled me to quit that retail job and transition into working for myself.

Most of the time, many people don’t get started because they are overthinking the process. What is it that interests you and something that you can talk about all the time?

More than likely, there are affiliate products that you can promote based on your answer. Start a blog based on your interest and if nothing comes to mind, choose a product that you like and create a blog that helps to promote it.

The first step is to get web hosting and WordPress. You can get both inexpensively with one web hosting provider. For example, one of the web hosts that I use provides you with a free domain name and will install WordPress for you.

You can get both when you choose any HostPapa Optimized WordPress Plan.

How to Start Selling Products Online for Other Companies Using Affiliate Products

man using laptop

The best and easiest way to begin selling another company’s products is to be familiar with the products yourself. That means that you use them currently or have used them in the past.

You will generate more sales when you can recommend products that you can stand behind as if they were your own.

Where Can You Find Affiliate Products?

You can find affiliate products by searching for “product name” + “affiliate” or something similar in the search engines. You can also turn to affiliate programs run by larger companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others.

Some affiliate programs are managed by affiliate networks such as ShareASale and CJ.

Example of Promoting Affiliate Products

Let’s say that you are an avid mountain biker and you decide to create a blog about mountain biking for beginners. There are so many things that you can recommend in terms of gear and accessories to add to your mountain bike.

There are specific items that you want to recommend to your readers to help make their experience better. Many of these products are sold on Amazon and Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates. You apply for the affiliate program. Once approved, you can begin recommending the mountain bike gear and accessories on your blog.

You will use the affiliate links provided by Amazon. Affiliate links are special links that contain tracking IDs to credit you when a sale is made. They look like the below:

affiliate tracking link

Type Of Content That You Create

Your content should be based around helping your readers. Back to our mountain bike blog example, you should create blog posts people who are new to mountain biking would be interested in.

You can find what people are searching for by doing keyword research. I use free keyword search tools such as and AnswerThePublic. I used AnswerThePublic and did a search for “mountain bike pedals.”

Here is a small sample of what was returned:

  • what mountain bike pedals are best
  • how do mountain bike pedals work
  • how to remove mountain bike pedals
  • how to change mountain bike pedals
  • how to choose mountain bike pedals

These are great topics to write blog posts about or you could create one blog post which covers everything that you know about mountain bike pedals but be sure to cover things such as choosing pedals, how they work, and how to change them.

In your blog post, you can then use your Amazon affiliate links to link to specific mountain bike pedals that you feel are the best choices.

How to Transition Into Working for Yourself

typing on a laptop

If you want to make selling products online your full-time living, it is very doable but it will take a lot of consistent effort on your part. Simply writing a few blog posts will not cut it.

Your website needs to be your business and therefore treated as such. You will need to create content on a regular basis as well as promote your content. I promote my blog content using social media channels as well as creating YouTube videos.

My Tips for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Blog

Earning a consistent income online with your website is a great feeling and awesome online business model. I am so grateful that I started my blogs when I did and most of all that I didn’t give up.

Tip #1: Avoid Free Blogging Services

  • I know it may be tempting to build a blog on a free platform such as Blogger or Tumblr. However, I don’t recommend it for a couple of reasons. You don’t own your content and you won’t be able to promote products the way you want. It is so much easier and effective to register your own domain name, get web hosting, and install WordPress. You can do all three with one of the web hosting providers I use and recommend.

Tip #2: Create New Content Often

  • It helps to stick to a schedule and set a goal of how many new posts you want to create per week. I personally set a goal of at least 2 to 3 new posts per week and one YouTube video per week. Do what works for you. The key is to be consistent.

Tip #3: Promote Products That You Are Familiar With

  • In other words, don’t promote products simply for the commissions that you can make. The best conversions occur when you can recommend products that you have used yourself or that you are certain will benefit your readers.

In Conclusion

I absolutely love this online business model. You can create a blog on a topic that you genuinely enjoy and then promote another company’s products and/or services in exchange for a commission when a sale is made.

That means your earning potential is unlimited. It is all based upon your own hard work and consistent effort. The two main reasons why anyone wouldn’t succeed with this business model include:

  • They never started
  • They quit too soon

Don’t make either mistake. If you are serious, then take the first step by getting your own website.


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