How to Start with Affiliate Marketing – Easy Beginner Steps

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Affiliate marketing can seem like a giant puzzle.

For a brand new affiliate, learning how to start with affiliate marketing is the biggest hurdle to overcome.

I know what it is like. While I have some experience and make sales commissions regularly, I understand how overwhelming learning affiliate marketing can be.

In this post, I will explain easy beginner affiliate marketing steps to take to get up and running to make your first sale online.

My First Affiliate Sale

I remember the magical day when I received my first affiliate commission. It was $20 for a real estate product.

It was difficult for me to replicate at the time because I used PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. I had no idea how to use PPC and I didn’t have a budget, so I was sunk before I started.

However, that first sale got me amped up enough to keep reading and learning about the world of affiliate marketing.

How to Start with Affiliate Marketing – Putting the Affiliate Puzzle Together

Unfortunately, a lot of the information I was reading was low-value. Then I tried to mimic what other super affiliates were doing but ended up nowhere fast.

From there, it seemed like affiliate marketing was a giant puzzle and I had to figure out where to put the pieces.

This is how it is for a lot of beginner affiliates. While I’m no expert, I have been able to generate sales on a regular basis (although not at the level that I want but I’m working on that!):

affiliate commissions

I will outline the steps I took to generate these weekly sales.

Step 1: You Need a Website

It is difficult to do affiliate marketing without a website. Even PPC marketers use landing pages to convert their leads.

If you are a complete newbie, you can set up a free website. Some free website services are very limiting when it comes to using affiliate marketing on your website.

I highly recommend setting up your website using the free WordPress blogging platform. You can learn how to set it up using the free training below:

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Step 2: You Need a Product to Promote

This is where you want to spend a little time doing some research. I suggest making a list of some of the things that interest you.

Once you have your list, plug in your interests into sites like You will quickly see various products that you can promote with your chosen interest.

This process is called “finding a niche”. For the product I promoted in my screenshot of weekly sales, I chose a niche in the health & fitness industry.

You do not want to go too broad. Health & fitness is a very broad topic. Try to narrow down your topic. For example, here are some niche topics in the health & fitness category:

  • Ketogenic diet
  • Weightloss for women 40 and over
  • Meal plans for gaining weight
  • Bodybuilding for beginners

Step 3: Join an Affiliate Program

In step 2, I suggested doing research on You can also sign up to become an affiliate.

The great thing about Amazon’s affiliate program is that recommending products is really easy. People trust and use Amazon all the time.

Even if the reader doesn’t buy the product you’ve promoted, if they buy anything at all (assuming they’ve clicked on your affiliate link), you will still receive a commission!

There are other affiliate programs to sign up to as well. Share-a-Sale is another one that has tons of products to promote.

Step 4: Promote Your Website

This is another huge area where many new affiliate marketers stumble. You will read a lot about using social media, getting backlinks, writing guest posts, etc.

It will all be very confusing. Here is what I focused on when I made sales: writing good content. All other forms of promotion have their place.

However, you will encounter information overload because you will not know where or how to start. Focus on your content first. A website with very little content will not get far.

Guidance and training are important for affiliate marketing. Don’t make the mistake I made by reading and researching different methods and products.

Some information I found was helpful but I still felt lost.

You have to invest in your education to reach higher levels.

I am pursuing lifestyle freedom. After being laid off from my last job, I decided it is time for a change and to receive proper training in affiliate marketing so I can grow my online business.

As a new affiliate, I suggest getting immediate training from a reputable and professional Affiliate Marketing training program.

It will save you YEARS of wasted time trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

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