WooDropship vs AliDropship – Which is Better for AliExpress Dropshipping Using WordPress?

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Dropshipping is one of the lowest-cost online businesses that you can start today.

When you combine WordPress and AliExpress as your supplier, you can have a store up and running in no time.

Thankfully, there are options that make creating your own dropship store with products sourced from AliExpress much easier.

In this post, I will discuss the differences between WooDropship vs AliDropship.

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What is WooDropship?

WooDropship is dropshipping software that enables you to import products directly from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store.

If you are not familiar with WooCommerce, it is a widely used WordPress shopping cart platform.

You can download free and paid WooCommerce extensions and themes. WooDropship is a monthly fee-based service that lets you import AliExpress products into your store and it also auto fulfills your orders.

The pricing for WooDropship is as follows:

$14 monthly$29 monthly$49 monthly
Import 3000 product variantsImport 15000 product variantsImport 60000 product variants
Fulfill 100 orders per monthFulfill 500 orders per monthFulfill unlimited orders per month

Other features include daily products sync and pricing automation. Is it worth it to use WooDropship vs AliDropship? I think you’ll be surprised by the AliDropship features below.

What is AliDropship?


AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that will import products from AliExpress into your shopping cart enabled WordPress theme.

The great thing is that this plugin includes several free themes that you can use. Another big plus is that if you prefer using WooCommerce, there is a WooCommerce version of the plugin as well.

The only difference is that the WooCommerce version of AliDropship does not include any marketing features such as an abandoned cart, email list, cross-sell, or discounts.

The AliDropship Plugin Features

You are probably going to be amazed at the features of AliDropship. Since it is already compatible with WooCommerce, you may not want to pay WooDropship’s monthly pricing fees.

Here are AliDropship’s key features:


  • Search and import products
  • Auto updates product information
  • Pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • ePacket shipping filter
  • Auto order tracking


  • Built-in themes
  • Product customization
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Product variations
  • WooCommerce support


  • Discount coupons
  • Product reviews
  • SEO product tags
  • Abandoned cart
  • Email lists


  • Live statistics
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Inventory management
  • All-in-One dashboard
  • Cash-back system
  • Free updates and support

Since AliDropship is a WordPress plugin, you will need to be comfortable with installing plugins and customizing your theme.

However, if the thought of doing anything with WordPress worries you, you can order a custom webstore.

Save on the Monthly Expenses and Put it Towards Marketing

It seems to make more sense to skip having to pay a monthly expense for WooDropship and put the savings towards marketing your store.

Since AliDropship for WooCommerce offers the same features, you’d be able to pocket the savings or put it towards promoting your business.

Many AliDroship store owners utilize Facebook ads and Instagram shout-outs to increase sales. Check out these five AliDropship success stories.

Why Limit Your Business?

Another thing to consider is that when you pay to use WooDropship, you are also dealing with limitations depending on your plan.

For example, you are limited on the number of products you can import as well as the number of orders that get fulfilled each month.

AliDropship has zero limitations. You can import an unlimited amount of products and have an unlimited amount of orders fulfilled.

In Conclusion

If you are using WordPress for your online store, either WooDropship or AliDropship will work.

I personally think that AliDropship has way more features. You do not need to use WooCommerce for your dropship store.

The AliDropship plugin includes its own shopping cart themes. I like the WooDropship features but if you do not have to pay an extra monthly expense, why start?

Click here to learn more about AliDropship

Click here to learn more about WooDropship

Are you running a dropship store? Which service do you prefer most?

26 thoughts on “WooDropship vs AliDropship – Which is Better for AliExpress Dropshipping Using WordPress?”

  1. Dear,
    Personally I have a hosting and my website. also I installed Word-press and activated the Woocommerce on it. now I reached the stage to decide and choose which plugin should I consider. Finally decided to go to Alidropship but not sure it will work with my website, especially I have installed wordpress and woocommerce. but I don’t want to use The Woocommece Alidropship plugin version.

    I would like to know is it going to smooth or will not work with me like this…

    • Hi Ahmed,

      I do not think the default version of AliDropship will work with WooCommerce. That is likely why there is a WooCommerce version of the plugin. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  2. Hi Eartha, thanks so much for the great work you are doing to help people start their on business, I have been reading your post for sometime now, I am using Shopify (www.accrafreemarket.com) and want to opt out to Alidropship but I am stacked on what to choose and I need your help, I want to know if I can add a custom payment to Alidropship if I should purchase it, please help if you have any ideas

    • Hi Godfred,

      I don’t believe you can add anything custom with the plugin. However, AliDropship does support multiple payment gateways (click here to view). You can choose which service you’ve signed up with through the plugin. Each payment gateway charges different fees. I hope that helps! Thank you for leaving your feedback!

  3. Hello Eartha,

    Does alidropship update product inventory? Meaning when a product disappears on aliexpress can it unpublish the item on your store and if the inventory is low on aliexpress can it change the inventory on your store?

    • Hi Daavuhn,

      Yes, AliDropship does auto update product information with the latest data from AliExpress.com. You can read the full list of features on their features page.Thank you for asking your question. I wish you much success in your online business!

  4. Go Eartha! Woop! Thanks for the info. I would like to know if Alidropship has a Chrome extension like Woodropship so that when I visit the AliExpress site I can add items to my store in the same way?


    • Hi Sean,

      AliDropship does have a Chrome extension which you can find here. I use it for my own store and it works extremely well.

      Thank you for stopping by and posting your question. If you don’t have AliDropship yet, you may want to check if the 35% off sale is still active. You will find the coupon code on the home page of the site. I wish you much success in your online business!

  5. Hi Eartha,

    I was so confused what to choose cz there is a lot of dropshipping provider Ezusy, Woodropship, Dropshix….and many.

    You made easy thank you.

    • Hi Mohamed,

      Yes, there are many options to choose from when it comes to dropshipping. I’m so glad I was able to clarify some of the options for you. I wish you much success with your online business!

  6. Eartha, please help! Is there any reason I couldn’t connect my website to woodropship? I have tried several times – I even email support, no one is getting back to me. I really need to start making money. Also, do you have training webinar or training manual I could subscribe to. I’m ready to learn.

    • Hi James,

      I’m so sorry to hear that you are having difficulty connecting WooDropship to your website. There is no way for me to know or be able to troubleshoot what the issue is. I do not use WooDropship myself as I am using the AliDropship Plugin.

      I suggest that you keep trying to contact WooDropship support. They should get back to you sooner than later. Sorry that I couldn’t be more help. I hope that they get back to you soon!

      Thank you for leaving your comment. Best of luck with your online business!

    • Hi Dhia,

      You should be able to use the AliExpress affiliate program with WooCommerce by adding your products and affiliate links manually.

      AliDropship does have an AliExpress affiliate plugin that turns WordPress into an AliExpress affiliate store. However, I do not think it is compatible with WooCommerce.

      Thank you for posting your questions. I wish you much success in your online business!

  7. Hi Eartha,

    Love your name.
    I was just looking into Alidropshop this week and I think they are introducing a monthly fee Feb 1st 2018 after 500 listings. Is that correct or did I not understand that correctly?

    • Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for the compliment! I do not think AliDropship will be introducing any monthly fees. At least I have not read or heard any such news. They do not currently charge any monthly fees for their plugin or for the custom store creation.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback!

  8. Great Article! Currently deciding between alidropship vs woodropship and i feel like the long term efficiency of buying alidropship and utilising its features weighs over woodropship’s monthly sub.

    • Hi Richard,

      I agree. That is one of the reasons I prefer AliDropship. It is a one-time fee and you get all of the same features and more. AliDropship is constantly updating the plugin with new features (which are free so long as you own the plugin.) It is definitely worth it in the long run.

      Thanks for posting your comment. I wish you all the best in your online business!

  9. Hello Eartha,
    can I keep my wordpress theme appearence using AliDropship plugin? Or I should use one of the built in themes of the plugin?

    Best regards.

    • Hi Adrian,

      If you want to use the original AliDropship plugin and not the WooCommerce version, then you would have to use one of the plugin’s themes.

      If you use the WooCommerce version of the plugin, you can use any WooCommerce theme that you want. I hope that helps! Thanks for posting your question.

  10. Hi Eartha, thank you for the great article. I have read in other places that AliDropship Woo does not work with most WordPress ecommerce themes which is a huge turn-off. Have you heard of this?

    • Hi Benjamin,

      I have not heard of that. According to the AliDropshp WOO page on their website, it states that it is compatible with any of the thousands of WooCommerce store themes, not general WordPress eCommerce themes. There are many WooCommerce themes that are available so there are plenty of options out there.

      I hope that helps. Thanks so much for stopping by and posting your comment. I wish you much success in your online business journey! 🙂

  11. Hi Eartha, I am a newbie and making the decision between woodropship and alidropship. I have questions.
    With aliexpress they have shipping between 12 to 20 days, How do i adjust my woocommerce to those times? Is there a plugin for the delivery time and cost. I had downloaded the woodropship to see how it feels ….the process but customer service is real bad

    • Hi Wayne,

      When I installed the AliDropship plugin, it does have the basic pages created such as shipping, returns, and tracking. They preload the pages with content so the shipping page does include frequently asked questions and answers as far as shipping times, where the products ship from etc.

      They also include a table that displays the estimated shipping times. The shipping information is also displayed on every product page as a tab next to product details. It really helps to make it clear to customers about shipping times.

      I hope that helps to answer your question. Sorry to hear about the poor customer service you’ve experienced. If you have more specific questions, I encourage you to reach out to AliDropship’s support. They respond fairly quickly, also they’re very polite and knowledgeable about all things dropshipping.

  12. Thanks for your reply. My question is will it hurt business in having long delivery time. . Also I have a up and running woocommerce site with a jewelry theme. I saw earlier in post to use the woocommerce alidropship plugin to adapt to the Woo theme. will there be any coding that I will need to do. I am about to purchase the plugin

  13. Hi Wayne,

    That is a valid concern. AliDropship actually wrote a really good article about how AliExpress shipping times are not a problem when it comes to sales.

    The AliDropship Woo plugin is compatible with any WooCommerce theme. I don’t believe you will need to do any extra coding at all. Again, I would contact their support if you want to know for certain. Hope that helps.

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