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What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach About Starting an Online Business?

what does wealthy affiliate teach

Many people who are researching about Wealthy Affiliate are asking what does Wealthy Affiliate teach?

I’m really excited about writing this post because as a Wealthy Affiliate member, I have learned so much and continue to learn each week.

I don’t think there is any way to completely cover every single training item inside of Wealthy Affiliate but I will do my best to cover the major training.

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Why I Chose Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama

When I discovered affiliate marketing there were hardly any options for learning how to start your own online business.

While there are many more places to learn today, the choices can be confusing. However, there are two similar services that stand out amongst the crowd.

These services are Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama. This article isn’t exactly a head-to-head comparison of Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama but rather a deeper look at my decision-making process for choosing one over the other.

Hopefully, you will have an a-ha moment of your own and get a better sense of what you are needing in an affiliate marketing training course.

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How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? – FAQ

Joining Wealthy Affiliate was one of the best decisions I have made when it comes to learning how to make money online.

Although I am not new to making money online, I have never made the type of income from it that I’ve wanted to.

Maybe you are in the same situation or are just starting out and are wondering how does Wealthy Affiliate work?

Wonder no more. In this post, I will answer the most common questions about Wealthy Affiliate to help you understand what this amazing service is all about.

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth the Money? – My Personal Experience

When I learned about affiliate marketing years ago, there were really no high-quality training courses available.

I had to scour the web for anything I had questions about and most of the time it was difficult to weed through all of the scammy websites.

Worst of all, I’d follow bad advice not realizing the advice was bad until I experienced the negative impact my actions had on my websites.

Investing in your affiliate marketing education is important if you want to take your online business to the next level. I will share why I feel Wealthy Affiliate is worth the money.

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Almost 3 Months into Wealthy Affiliate and What I’ve Learned


I never really felt like I had any real footing in affiliate marketing until I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

It is easy to understand why there are so many members and so many success stories.

After almost three months of using the service, I can say that I have no regrets. I’ve learned a ton and I’ve made significant progress.

Below, I will share how Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has benefited me in only three months as well as what I’m looking forward to.

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