How Do I Make a Blog? Create a Blog in Under 30 Seconds

Making a blog is not about speed. However, you can make a blog much faster today than many years ago when blogging was still in its infancy.

Years ago, you would have to hire a web developer to create a blog for you if you didn’t know how to go about downloading the software and installing it onto your web server.

So how do I make a blog? While I do have a background in web developing, I no longer go about downloading a CMS software like WordPress and uploading it to my web server.

There really is no longer a need to do it that way (unless you want to). Now I click a button and a new blog is created for me in seconds.

How Do I Make a Blog? One-Click Installs are Awesome

Depending on who your web hosting provider is, you likely have the capability of performing a one-click install of WordPress onto your web server.

If all of this sounds confusing, don’t worry. All it means is that hosting providers usually have a feature in which you click a button and the system installs WordPress for you.

A web hosting provider is a company that will host your website (blog) for you. There are tons of hosting providers on the web.

Over the years, I have used both Dreamhost and Hostgator.

Both services are great and both offer one-click WordPress installations. If you want to go that route you absolutely can.

You can probably expect to pay anywhere from $5.99 a month to $24.99 a month and up depending on your needs.

Since you are new to blogging, I suggest starting for free.

What Do You Do with a Blog?

You can do all types of things with a blog. More than likely you will create a niche website.

Essentially, most blogs are catering to a specific niche. This is because the creator of the blog has a genuine interest in the niche.

A niche is just a specific topic that someone has an interest in. For example, the blog you are reading is in the internet marketing niche.

People also have blogs in the food niche and are called food bloggers.

Bloggers also make money with their niche blogs using affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money on the internet. I do so by creating niche blogs around topics that interest me.

For example, the blog you are reading right now is my passion. I can write almost every day on this blog out of pure passion for the topic.

Creating a blog around your passion is not only fun, it can be lucrative as well!

How I Learn to Make Money with My Blog

make money blogging

I am not new to making money online. I have made money online for years and continue to do so each week from recurring income.

The way I learned how to do that was through a lot of trial and error. I had to read article after article online and unfortunately, I made a lot of critical mistakes that damaged one of my websites.

That is because I followed bad advice which, at the time, I had no idea was going to be detrimental to my blog.

Since I had no guidance and got my information from various places, I ended up feeling stuck and spinning my wheels.

I didn’t know how to create a legitimate online business for myself.

Legitimate Online Business Training

After I was laid off from my previous job, I was fortunate enough to discover Wealthy Affiliate.

I had been looking for an online course that would teach me step-by-step how to create a long-term online business using my blog.

What I’ve learned has changed everything about the way I used to create blogs. I’ve made significant progress and there is no stopping now.

As a beginner blogger, I recommend getting a free WordPress website so that you are not coming out of pocket to pay for web hosting.

As you progress, you can definitely find a good hosting provider to host your own blog with your own domain.

If you want to learn how to make money from your blog, I suggest learning about what Wealthy Affiliate teaches.

The best part is that Wealthy Affiliate starter training is free. You really can’t go wrong with investing in your own education.

Not to mention that it is important to create a side hustle of your own regardless of what you do for a living.

I only wish I had done so before I was laid off from my previous job.


Hey there! My name is Eartha. I'm an internet marketer. I enjoy helping others discover the benefits of starting their own online businesses.

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