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As a website owner, there is nothing more frustrating than having something go wrong with your website.

Whether it is your website going down for several hours or some technical issue that causes your website to function improperly.

Recently, I ran into an issue that left me highly frustrated. So much so that I began my search for another web host.

Customer service means everything when it comes to web hosting. This is my SiteGround customer service review.

Why I Moved Over to SiteGround

siteground customer service review

Before making the switch to SiteGround, I was hosting my website with HostGator and then moved it over to Wealthy Affiliate.

In case you’re wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is, I’ll give you a brief description.

It is an all-in-one service that teaches anyone how to create a consistent income online with a niche website.

They will always hold a special place in my heart because my own online business wouldn’t have thrived without the training that I received there.

At the time, switching over to Wealthy Affiliate made sense for me. I was in the midst of following the training and growing my website.

My Issues with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate does a lot of things right. They provide a tremendous amount of value and I will always recommend them for learning how to become an affiliate marketer.

Initially, I had no issues with their hosting service. One thing I had to get used to was not having access to a CPanel.

Every other web hosting provider offers CPanel access. I’ve always liked having a CPanel because I like having the option to export my own database, creating FTP accounts, etc.

The other issue I had was with their technical support. I’ll give them credit for their response time and availability.

Each time I’ve had to contact support, they have replied within minutes and they are available 24/7.

One day when checking my web stats, I noticed my traffic dropped two days in a row. Then I noticed that some of my web pages were showing up blank. Not cool.

I contacted technical support and they told me to clear my cache which I already knew wasn’t the problem.

I then sent screen captures of some of the blank pages. Finally, after going back and forth, they told me that it was a SiteSpeed issue (a Wealthy Affiliate feature) and turned it off.

Things were back to normal but I wanted the feature fixed for my website and turned back on. I contacted them again and was told they were working on it.

I gave them about two weeks to work on it. I hadn’t heard a thing. Then I replied to my last support ticket asking about it again and was told that they turned SiteSpeed back on and it would be fine.

Again, blank pages began showing up so I turned the feature off. I felt as though no one worked on the issue at all and the person that turned the feature back on had no clue that it was causing an issue in the first place.

What Makes SiteGround Customer Service Stand Out

I have had my fair share of hosting providers. Over the years I’ve used HostGator, Dreamhost, MediaTemple, and now SiteGround.

I still have an account with Dreamhost because I’ve rarely ever had an issue with them.

Their customer support is decent but not nearly as fast as or as accessible as SiteGround.

When I was making my final decision about switching over to SiteGround, I contacted their support via chat.

I was already blown away at how fast someone came on to talk. The user interface looks like the image below:

siteground support

You see a picture of the person you’re talking to as well as their user rating and how many customers they have helped.

Since migrating my site over to their servers I’ve contacted customer service two more times.

Each time was the same. I waited less than a couple of minutes and each person I talked to was knowledgeable and resolved my issues quickly.

Unlike most hosting providers that almost deter you from contacting them, SiteGround lets you contact them via live chat, submitting a ticket, and by phone.

What I like most about their support is that they actually help you and do not give you canned responses to get you off the line.

Great Customer Service But How is the Actual Web Hosting?

fist bumps

As of this writing, I’ve literally been using their hosting for less than 24 hours. My intention wasn’t to get into the technical details like speed, uptime, etc.

Honestly, I’m the type of person that just wants web hosting that works well and excellent customer support.

If you like all of the technical details there are plenty of people that have gone into great depth to test uptime and site speeds.

All I can say is so far their hosting is awesome. I have a CPanel again! They provide their own cool features such as a Super Cacher and free SSL using Let’s Encrypt.

Wrapping It Up

Wealthy Affiliate still provides a great hosting package and I think it is great that they have it bundled into their premium service.

It is a convenience for people new to internet marketing that have never owned their own website before.

You definitely do not need to use their hosting to follow the training course. Making the switch to SiteGround hosting was the right move for me.

I have been wanting CPanel access again and superior technical support.

Have you run into your own web hosting nightmares or found a hosting provider that you love? Share your experience in the comments below.

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