SiteRubix Review – The Free Niche Website Builder

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Name: SiteRubix
Price: Free
Owners: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

What is SiteRubix? A Product Overview

free niche website builder

SiteRubix is the best niche website builder I have ever come across online.

The awesome thing is that anyone can use it to create a free website, not just affiliate marketers.

What is even cooler is that you can even get free SSL for your website (further details below) which can save you a huge amount of time and hassle.

Whether you are building a website to make money online, a personal blog, a nonprofit website, or whatever else you can think of, SiteRubix is the niche website builder of choice.

No technical knowledge is necessary and your website will be up in 30 seconds or less! I will highlight all of the great features of SiteRubix below.

The Pros and Cons of SiteRubix

The Pros:

  • No technical knowledge required
  • Websites are built using WordPress
  • It is free to use
  • Responsive and mobile ready
  • 1,000’s of professional web designs
  • Extend functionality using WordPress plugins
  • Easy to use (your website is up in 30 seconds)
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login

The Cons:

  • No Cpanel
  • No MySQL access

The cons will really only affect those who are already accustomed to managing their own websites.

For example, I have been building my own websites for years so I like having access to a Cpanel and MySQL.

If you have no idea what those are, SiteRubix is perfect for you. The point is not to have to worry about the technical aspects of your website.

Going forward, I may still create and host some of my niche websites on SiteRubix for the free SSL. It really does save money and the hassle of installing an SSL certificate.

Who is SiteRubix For?

SiteRubix is for anyone who wants to have their own website up and running fast without having to worry about any of the technical stuff.

Regardless of the type of website you create, you can use SiteRubix to install a website for you on the WordPress platform in under 30 seconds.

It is user-friendly so anyone can use it, even if the most you’ve ever done is check email, you can use this system.

SiteRubix Tools & Training

When you build your website with SiteRubix, it includes several tools that you can use. They are:

  • Site manager
  • Site builder
  • Site comments (get comments on your posts)
  • Site feedback
  • Site support (technical support)
  • Site domains (register domains)

There is free internet marketing training that is included with your free SiteRubix website. You have access to it inside of Wealthy Affiliate which you receive automatically when you create your account with SiteRubix.

The internet marketing training is the beginning of learning how to drive traffic to your website as well as making money with it.

What Kind of Support Does SiteRubix Offer?

You have access to the SiteRubix technical support at any time. You can expect to receive a timely response.

For general SiteRubix questions and answers, you can find them by doing a search using the search bar at the top of every page inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

If you still do not find what you are looking for, you can always ask for help using the live chat feature or by posting a question.

The community is super supportive. There is no doubt that you will get the help that you need.

How Much Does SiteRubix Cost?

The SiteRubix service is free to use. You can get started quickly and easily. No credit cards required. All that is needed is your name, a password, and a username.

Once you’ve created your account, you will have access to Wealthy Affiliate which provides you with free training on how to create a niche website that can earn money online.

You can remain using your free starter account for as long as you like. However, to receive the benefits of all of the training and features inside of Wealthy Affiliate, you will need to become a premium member.

There is so much more that is included as a premium member.

My Final Opinion of SiteRubix

In my opinion, there is no better service for anyone new to website creation than SiteRubix. In literally a few clicks, anyone can have their own free website.

Whether or not you are familiar with building a website, SiteRubix takes care of all of the technical aspects of website creation.

This leaves you more time to focus on important tasks such as keyword research and content creation.

SiteRubix is particularly great for affiliate marketers that need a free affiliate website builder.

I am particularly fond of the free SSL that is included when you host your website with Wealthy Affiliate.

You must have your own domain name which is easy to get and to connect with your SiteRubix site when you use Wealthy Affiliate for domain and website management.

Remember, SiteRubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. SiteRubix is Wealthy Affiliate’s website creation service.

A Final Glance at the SiteRubix Free Niche Website Builder

Name: SiteRubix
Price: Free
Owners: Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate
Overall Rank: 98 out of 100

Verdict: Legitimate! You really can’t go wrong using this all-in-one free niche website builder. Anyone can use SiteRubix without any issues.

I highly recommend this service to anyone who is technically challenged and needs to have a website up fast.

If you are an affiliate marketer, even better. You can create a free affiliate marketing website without any limitations on how to make money online.

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