Wealthy Affiliate vs Hostgator – Why I Moved This Blog to WA

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wealthy affiliate vs hostgator
If you are not familiar with Wealthy Affiliate, you may not readily recognize it as a web hosting company.

Unlike a hosting company such as HostGator, web hosting is part of an overall package of services provided by Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

I’ve been hosting my websites with HostGator for years with no complaints. However, when I decided to go full force with learning how to start an online business, I decided to educate myself and took a chance on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate not only takes care of your training, they handle everything related to your website as well.

Below, I’ll explain why I moved this website you are reading to WA hosting.

WordPress Web Hosting

wordpress web hosting

Before I moved my hosting for this website over to WA, I was considering the WordPress hosting plan at HostGator.

Why WordPress hosting? Unlike the average web hosting plan, WordPress hosting specializes in the specific needs of a WordPress website.

If you already have a WordPress website on a regular hosting plan, you may have experienced slower than average loading times. You may have even had security issues.

Both speed and security are major issues that WordPress website owners often deal with. This is why you’ll see WordPress hosting plans across many web hosting providers.

Since I am already a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, it made sense to take advantage of the WordPress hosting they already provide.

Here are the features of Wealthy Affiliate WordPress hosting:

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login

Wealthy Affiliate’s Customer Support is FAST

I’ve had minimal issues over the years with HostGator. When I’ve had to contact customer support for any reason, the turnaround time was reasonable.

I’d receive a reply within a matter of hours by email. I’ve used their live chat once and it worked well.

However, when I submitted a request inside of Wealthy Affiliate, my query was responded to in a matter of minutes (and that is their standard), it may as well have been live chat support.

Here is a screenshot of my support request:

wealthy affiliate support

SiteHealth Details Keep Me on Track

I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a free starter member and was so impressed by the training that I went premium the very next day.

After being laid off from my previous job, I made it my mission to take my online business seriously.

I had always made money online but it was never enough to go full-time. For me, there is no such thing as job security.

I wasted so many years working for others and didn’t take the time to invest in myself. After test driving WA, I knew it was the place for me.

The training is top-notch and easy to follow. The community is super supportive. There isn’t a question I haven’t had answered, even by the owner’s (Kyle and Carson) themselves.

This is why it made even more sense to take full advantage of the web hosting plan as well. One of my favorite features of Wealthy Affiliates’s web hosting is the SiteHealth monitoring.

Check out the screenshot below:

It is a partial screenshot but as you can see, WA performs daily backups of my website. The tiny green icons are monitoring my database, malware and virus monitoring, filesystem monitoring, hacking and intrusion monitoring, and site performance monitoring.

They also monitor your plugins and recommend keeping the number of plugins you have installed below 5 in order for your website to run more efficiently.

Overall, I really love this feature. I am serious about my online business and WA takes all of their member’s websites seriously as well.

What are the Cons of Wealthy Affiliate vs Hostgator Web Hosting?

There has to be a downside to hosting your WordPress blog with Wealthy Affiliate, right? Of course, no web hosting company is perfect.

I have a background in web developing and have always used a hosting company of some type. HostGator still remains one of my favorite companies.

If you are used to having a CPanel and prefer having one, you will not have that with Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

Some people like having access to their WordPress database. This is not an option with WA. Those really are the only “cons” per say in my opinion.

To be honest, even when I hosted this website on HostGator, there was no need for me to do anything with the Cpanel besides installing my website and creating an email address.

Wealthy Affiliate installs WordPress for you and creating emails are a matter of choosing what you want your email address to be and clicking submit. They even have a webmail login if you do not want to set up your account with Outlook, Mac mail, or any other email client.

What Else Do You Get with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting?

What really makes Wealthy Affiliate stand out from other hosting companies is their training. You will learn how to create a legitimate online business that will last for years to come.

Yes, WA is an online business training center first, but you cannot have an online business without a website.

If all that you need is web hosting, most hosting companies will service your needs. There are tons of them to choose from. HostGator happens to be one of the more reputable web hosting providers.

If you want to learn how to start and maintain an online business, Wealthy Affiliate is better suited to your needs.

Best of all, you do not need to pay before you try them out. You can sign up for free (no credit card, no hidden fees) and even create a free website and start the training.

In Conclusion

When it comes to WordPress hosting, both WA and HostGator offer excellent features. What you’ll have to ask yourself is if you also want internet marketing training?

Hosting companies provide one service and that is hosting your website. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete package of online business training plus web hosting if you choose to use their hosting service.

As for myself, moving my blog over was the right decision. I take advantage of all the training (ongoing training as well), the support (the only wrong question is the one not asked), and having access to the owners (Kyle and Carson).

Seriously, what other service lets you email or private chat the owners? And yes, they do reply to you in a timely manner.

Still debating about Wealthy Affiliate vs HostGator? Read my FAQ below for more details.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work? – FAQ

Is there a particular web hosting provider that you like? Leave your feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Hi Eartha,
    You pointed out some very good reason why you should host a WordPress website with Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t see a need to have access to a Cpanel with these kinds of sites, you can add and change what you like directly in your dashboard or if needed you can use FTP. And you can’t beat being able to host up to 50 websites for no extra charge. I was wondering if this is the only website that you had transferred to WA and was the transfer easy?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      The transfer was really easy. I did some research on how to do it inside of Wealthy Affiliate. There was a ton of information and videos so that made it even easier. However, for someone who has no technical background, I suggest they contact WA support. They respond right away and can help with the transfer as well. There really is no need for a Cpanel. The WordPress admin and FTP access are plenty.

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